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browliftWrinkling and creasing in the forehead can change the whole expression of a person’s face. Aging in this area can cause someone who is actually relaxed and happy to look perpetually worried, tired, sad, or angry. Instead of letting this appearance affect the way others view them, some people take matters into their own hands by opting for browlift surgery. Dr. Burke Robinson has convenient offices in Dunwoody and Alpharetta, near Atlanta. He provides endoscopic browlift surgery, as well as mid-forehead lift surgery, to those who can benefit from its remarkable results.

About Brow and Mid-forehead Lifts

There are several surgical and non-surgical ways to rejuvenate the forehead and bring the eyebrows back into their proper position without that “surprised” look. Dr. Robinson will be able to help you make an educated decision on what procedure would best achieve your desired look.

The time-tested cosmetic surgery procedure known as brow lift or forehead lift surgery addresses this specific problem. Although the brow lift can be done as an isolated procedure, it is commonly performed in combination with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Together these procedures help provide a more rejuvenated look to the entire upper face and forehead.

Candidates for the Browlift and Mid-forehead Lift Surgeries

Good browlift candidates have begun to show significant signs of aging in the forehead region. The brow may have begun to droop, in some cases causing skin overhang in the upper eyelids. If this is an issue that the patient wishes to address, eyelid surgery may be necessary, or it may be possible to rectify the problem through the browlift Atlanta procedure alone. The patient may also have horizontal lines and furrows across the forehead, frown lines, and other signs of aging. Both the browlift and mid-forehead lift surgery provide a more long-lasting solution than BOTOX® injections and can correct more dramatic forehead creasing.

Surgical Procedure

Dr. Robinson is experienced with two browlift techniques – the endoscopic browlift and mid-forehead lift.

Endoscopic Browlift

The endoscopic approach is appropriate for most patients with mild to moderate brow drooping. In this procedure, several short incisions are made in the scalp, concealed behind the hairline. Dr. Robinson then uses an endoscope, which is a tiny camera, to view the tissues beneath the skin on a video monitor. Through these incisions, combining a specialized instruments with a laser, the brow is repositioned higher, eliminating the “crowding” of the eyebrow on the upper eyelid. Customized, tiny absorbable implants are placed through the scalp incisions to assist the brow to heal in a higher position, avoiding causing a “surprised look.” The result is a more youthful and natural rested look of the upper eyelid and brow.

“People perceived me as unapproachable because my eyebrows made me look like I was angry.  I developed a habit of raising my eyebrows.  I was afraid I would have that “surprised look”, but Dr. Robinson did a wonderful job.  No one ever knew! Thank you Dr. Robinson.” – B.B.

Mid-forehead Lift

With the mid-forehead lift, the incision is made in a natural forehead crease some distance above the eyebrow. It is particularly useful in males with thin or balding hair and deep forehead rhytids (wrinkles). Patients with deep wrinkles and significant brow ptosis (sagging) are good candidates for this technique.

After a small incision is made in the forehead crease, excess skin and tissue is removed, the underlying tissues are repositioned and tightened and the incision is closed with non-absorbable sutures. Non-absorbable sutures diminish scarring in this area and are removed in five to seven days.

Scars are well hidden in a natural forehead crease and gradually fade and are unnoticeable over the ensuing weeks.

Advantages of this approach include the ability to conceal the incision in suitable candidates and a relatively predictable and long lasting result. The mid-forehead lift also corrects glabellar ptosis (sagging between the brows), improves skin laxity and forehead wrinkles, and eliminates crow’s feet.

Both types of browlift surgery produce excellent results. To learn which one would be most appropriate for addressing your needs, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Robinson at one of his Atlanta-area offices in Alpharetta or Dunwoody for personalized browlift/forehead lift advice.

Recovery & Results

Browlift Atlanta and mid-forehead lift surgery, when performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Robinson, has extremely natural-looking results. Patients are pleased with their new looks and often comment that they did not realize how much their drooping brows and lined foreheads detracted from their beauty until after having the lift. While most patients feel fine just a few days after surgery, Dr. Robinson recommends that patients spend about a week at home to give their bodies time to recover from the forehead lift procedure before returning to work.

Dr. Burke Robinson

With over 20 years of experience, Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Burke Robinson has devoted his life to helping others achieve a more rested, youthful appearance while achieving natural looking results.

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