Blepharoplasty Testimonials

Dr. Robinson did my eyelid surgery a couple years ago and I couldn’t be more pleased. My entire experience and follow-ups have been very positive and I will come back to Dr. Robinson when I need various “tweeking” in the future.

CJ 8/26/2009

I can’t believe it! I can actually see without raising my eyebrows to pull my lids up. Fantastic! People tell me I look alive and my face is bright. They also tell me I look 10 years younger! I am very satisfied and would do it again!

JM 9/23/2009

My eye surgery was a huge success and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff that helped with my follow up appointments (scheduled or unscheduled). I’ve gotten to know everyone personally and would recommend Dr. Robinson to anyone!

JG 9/23/2009

The procedure went well and I have recovered nicely. Sadly, there are scars beneath my eyes, which I hope can be taken care of. Coming from another state has been challenging, but each day I look in the mirror and say, “That’s who I feel like on the inside”. Thanks Dr. Robinson!

MH 10/5/2009

Dr. Robinson performed an upper and lower belpheroplasty in January and I love the results! The results are dramatic, yet natural. He and his staff are professional, warm and caring. I’ve recommended Dr. Robinson to my friends and will continue to do so!

LH 11/04/2009

Dr. Robinson and all the staff are so fantastic. I look so much younger. My eyes are better than I could imagine. I strongly recommend anyone who needs plastic surgery and wants the best, including aftercare; see Dr. Robinson.

RM 12/29/2009

Pleased with my eyes, except the slower healing under my eyes. The Dr. and Staff are always helpful and concerned. Very pleasant office.

JR 4/15/2010

My experience with Dr. Robinson and staff has been understanding. I — compliments every day on my eyes. Choosing him for my procedure was peacefully positive. My son was already a client as well as many of his friends. I feel very confided in recommending him and several friends have used him and thank me for telling them about Dr. Robinson and his staff.

PK 4/15/2010

My results with upper eyelid surgery were amazing! I experienced very little swelling and bruising- what I did have was gone in a relatively short time. Scarring was very faint and is completely gone now. Subsequent treatments for wrinkles (injections) have had great results. Dr. Robinson and his staff are wonderful.

LB 4/26/2010

I felt for years that my eyes made me look older because of my lids and brows. After my surgery I look so much more alert and youthful. Dr. Robinson and his staff were excellent – they listened to my concerns and were very attentive and caring. I am so glad I had the surgery at Dr. Robinson’s.

MR 3/23/2010

Dr. Robinson, Thank you for giving me the eyes I have always wanted! I have a new energy because I don’t look tired or feel those heavy eyelids weighing me down. Thank you so much for your honest advice and opinion concerning my surgery. I know I made the right decisions for me. Amy also was a BIG help! She really made me feel comfortable about the surgery. I knew exactly what to expect. Thank you.

AS 7/07/2010

After hearing Dr. Robinson’s name come up with several people, I decided he was the doctor for my eyelid lift. The results are wonderful – it’s so natural looking and I can’t even see any scars (which is what I was worried about).

EW 8/11/10

I’ve put off having my eye surgery for years. I am very happy that I finally made that decision and that I was able to find out about Dr. Robinson. I am so pleased with the results. I found all the staff to be pleasant and very helpful. Thanks for a great experience!!

TN 8/20/10

For the first time in 25 years I can see my eyelids! Dr. Robinson did a remarkable job in correcting the aging process. His staff has treated me A+ plus from the initial consultation. I would defiantly recommend this practice.

GS 9/15/10

Sense I have made no secret of having my eyes “done” everyone wasn’t to know the name of my surgeon. I have received numerous compliments from “it looks so natural” to remarking about how bright my eyes look. Dr. Robinson and his staff are very helpful and encouraging and gave me information which helped during recovery especially.

JS 12/15/2010

I am very pleased with the results from my eye surgery. The reactions I receive from friends are about my overall appearance, not that they can tell that I’ve had any specific procedure. That is just what I wanted. I was a bit hesitant at first about surgery, but I am so glad I took the plunge.

SY 1/25/2011

Dr. Robinson and his staff were great! I’ve had many compliments on how great my eyes look after having surgery. I’ve already recommended him to my friends. Thank you!


I was initially concerned with the “bags” under my eyes or this was an inherited trait that I was not willing to live with. After meeting with Dr. Robinson and Amy I was convinced they could help me. After the surgery I am very pleased with the results and we even went further than the “bags” and had an eye lift that corrected a problem of my eyelid potentially blocking my vision. I am very pleased and would strongly recommend Dr. Robinson and his highly talented, courteous and friendly staff.

JT 2/23/11

The staff’s services was always very good, they answered all of my questions during the whole process and as the weeks go by, I like my new nose more and more. After surgery, I barely had bruises under my eyes. Dr. Robinson did a great job.

CF 3/02/2011

My experience with Dr. Robinson and his staff have been nothing but outstanding. The surgery went as planned. Heather and Amy were so helpful with questions that I had and were so caring. They were always available for anything I needed. I have recommended Dr. Robinson to my friends. Everyone that has seen me since my surgery said they want Dr. Robinson to do their eyes because he did such a great job on mine.

CA 3/02/2011

Dr. Robinson and his staff have been wonderful. From the initial consultation, to surgery to follow up, I felt all my questions and concerns were addressed. I had the upper and lower eyelids and hetter peel and the results are great. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the whole process.

SP 3/30/11

My sagging lids had bothered me for a few years before I visited Dr. Robinson for a consult. At 41 people were always asking me if I were tired or feeling okay. My mom’s lids cover half of her eyes so I knew I’d eventually have to have surgery. I decided to take care o what I was unhappy with now instead of living with it for years only to do it later. I felt confident with Dr. Robinson’s credentials and level of expertise. The entire process waspainless and I am thrilled to have eyelids again and be able to wear eye shadow and actually see it! Atlanta Outpatient center was outstanding. I am considering future procedures. Thank you!

DB 7/7/2011

I have wanted an eye lift for ten years and visited many plastic surgeons. There was never the “right” connection until I was introduced to Dr. Burke Robinson and staff. Even over the phone, I knew I had found the right friends and doctor for my “beauty adventure!” Ruth shared with me her personal experience and when I met her there was proof before my very eyes that Dr. Robinson would be the one to help me. Amy is the most genuine and sincere person I have ever dealt with as decisions were made regarding scheduling and just what all I wanted done on my “beauty adventure”. Heather prepared me completely before surgery and I knew her follow up would be the best. Of course~ Dr. Robinson made it all happen! I wanted to look refreshed and “sparkly” ~not plastic ~ WOW! Dr. Robinson’s surgical abilities and commitment to natural excellence has made my entry into my sassy sixties beyond my expectations. An added bonus was the decision to take care of the extra skin on my neck. Another WOW!! Everything every professional in this practice has told me was exactly what happened. Above all ~ I know Dr. Robinson truly cared about me.

DL 8/31/2011

Initially, I was very nervous about having my cosmetic procedure performed on my eyelids. After meeting with Dr. R and Amy I felt more confident. Dr. R is very knowledgeable and professional while at the same time, personable and caring. I am very pleased with my results at only six weeks post – procedure. I have already recommended my Mom and co-workers. Thank you.

CH 10/31/2011

Dr. Robinson is an excellent doctor. I had considered having blepharoplasty for many years and am so pleased that I decided on Dr. Robinson to do this surgery. Thank you Dr. Robinson and your staff for your kind and professional treatment. All of my questions, and I had many, were answered patiently and thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dr. Robinson for any facial surgery.

NA 1/12/2012

Dr. Robinson and the staff at the center are amazing. The whole process from first meeting to surgery has been wonderful! The surgery on my eyelids was perfect!! I could not have wished for better results! The recovery was just as Dr. Robinson had said. The staff called several times to check in to make sure all was well. If anyone was planning any procedures I would highly recommend Dr. Robinson. He takes time to find out what you want and makes sure that is what you get. Best wishes.

RP 1/19/2012

Everyone was very professional and responsive to my questions throughout the process. The procedure itself had less bruising and recovery time than I thought it would. Overall, I defiantly have a better field of vision than before and I look less tired.

BH 2/16/2012

I met with Dr. Robinson for the lower bags under my eyes. My initial meeting with he and Amy were wonderful. They made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions about the procedure. I had also initially met with him to discuss having a lower Hetter peel, but he advised that I did not need it. That made me feel good that he did not want to just do the procedure for the monies. I would highly recommend Dr. Robinson for the smallest of injections to a full facial change. Thank you

CW 3/7/2012

My experience with Dr. Robinson and his staff were beyond my expectations. Everyone treated me with kindness and made sure I had the knowledge to make good decisions regarding my surgery. My results are amazing. I love seeing my eyes again! I will definitely refer Dr. Robinson to all my family and friends. Best of all I don’t look TIRED anymore! Thank you Everyone!

LS 5/17/2012

I don’t have bags under my eyes anymore! I am very pleased with the result and the procedures could not have been easier – no stitches, no pain. Dr. Robinson did a wonderful job. He didn’t urge me to do anything more than what I had in mind. I really appreciated not being pressured to “fix” anything but what was concerning me. The whole staff is very professional and friendly.

RK 12/16/2012

When all my nurse friends tell me which doctor to see, I follow their advice. They are the experts on doctors. Well…when I asked them about a plastic surgeon, their vote was unanimous! Burke Robinson! He had even worked on a couple of them. I went in expecting Dr. Robinson to be the best, but I had no clue that I was also going to be treated by such a NICE GUY! I admit to being a perfectionist. I’m not sure Dr. Robinson admits to this, but he’s one as well. My eyes are perfect and this happened because of a perfectly nice, great doctor!

CC 9/27/2012

Being my first plastic surgery, I was very pleased with the overall experience. Because my sister-in-law had had two successful procedures, I was never apprehensive about my results. I love my eyes now without the hooding of my upper lids and fat under my eyes. The staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The entire experience was wonderful (especially now that I have healed).

SA 9/20/2012

I have had a lot of compliments on my eyes and I am really pleased with the surgery. Also, the staff has been very nice and very professional.

MR 7/26/2012