For the first time in my life, when someone tells me I’m pretty I believe it. I came to see Dr. Robinson for injections, yet when he shared that I could minor surgery to enhance my looks I broke down in tears realizing how this had affected me my whole life. I’m SO happy with the results! The surgical process was easy and Dr. Robinson and his staff were amazing. They worked with me to keep my procedure experience as natural as possible. I received personalized care, not cookie cutter factory experience. Thanks for changing my life.

LH 3/15/2012

Dr. Robinson is the “genuine article” – very warm and personable! Of course he is a great surgeon and he also happens to be an expert with a syringe full of Sculptra. I had not realized how out of balance my face had become with deep indentations at my temples. On his recommendation, we did several sessions of Sculptra at the temples and what a difference! I am so please with results – takes years off my appearance AND I can wear my hair pulled back without feeling self-conscious.

SK 11/7/2012