Facial/make over

First, thank you to Dr. Robinson and staff for their kindness and professional manner through the process of facial makeover. My goal was to look younger for business purposes and for my own self-esteem. My clients have commented on how rested I look, plus are shocked when I tell them I’ll be celebrating my 70th birthday in a few months. They estimate my age at 55 years. For myself, when I look in the mirror I see a younger person. This gives me new life – I feel and act younger. Thank you very much to all of you.

LB 7/5/12

I was referred to Dr. Robinson by a friend’s friend. During the consultation I explained that my concern was with wrinkling in my cheeks. At that time I was happy to hear that a face lift was not really what I needed, but a hetter peel was suggested. I decided to go ahead with this procedure. I was very impressed with all of the staff at the office, as well as Dr. Robinson. They were always considerate, friendly and very professional. Immediately after, although my face did look pretty burned and kind of disgusting, I was never in pain from the procedure at any time. I was able to go out with make up after 10 days. I am very pleased with the results and have had many compliments about how good my face looks. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Robinson suggested this procedure for me and would readily recommend it for anyone who he feels would benefit from it.

BT 9/21/12

Face peel

Heather is really knowledgeable about skin care and she takes great care in educating her patients as well. She analyzed my skin and recommended specific products to help me get the results I wanted. She never pushed anything on me and looked for ways to incorporate the recommended products with my current skincare regimen to save me money. The microderm treatments made my skin look smoother and more youthful. Thanks Heather!

AI 7/22/2012