Ear Surgery Testimonials

We are so pleased with the results of our son’s otoplasty (ears). As a pre-teen boy – it has really boosted his self-confidence and self-image. He will even wear baseball caps now!

PN 7/29/2009

Dr. Robinson and his staff are great. For years I dealt with an unsightly and painful mole on my ear. I was concerned about scarring, but Dr. Robinson did a beautiful job. You can’t tell anything was done, even when you look for it. I highly recommend Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery.

TS 2/05/2010

Dr. Robinson’s work is everything I ever could have hoped hoped for and more. I used to imagine what my ears could look like and Dr. Robinson made them look even better. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

LO 8/11/10

My daughter’s otoplasty has turned out beautifully. The experience was wonderful thanks to Dr. Robinson and his staff. No one likes to send their child for elective surgery, but Dr. Robinson and his staff took such great care of her (and her father and I) that it was not a stressful experience at all.

LD 8/3/2011