Rhinoplasty Testimonials

I love my results! My nose is even better than I imagined it would be. Dr. Robinson and the entire staff are the best! When I get ready for a facelift – – He’s my man!

LW 7/30/2009

Upon entering the office I felt a genuine concern and quality care from the staff. I have received personal attention throughout the procedure and am most pleased with the results or reconstructive surgery on my nose. My thanks to Dr. Robinson.

CW 9/29/2009

I felt comfortable from the first time I walked in the office. The whole process was a breeze. I had minimal bruising after my rhinoplasty and I attended a Brave’s game exactly 1 week later and no one couls tell. My results are excellent and natural looking and I couldn’t be happier!

MS 11/23/2009

Dr. Robinson is very professional yet very personable. His work to revise a previous rhinoplasty was amazing! Every single person who works in his office is courteous, empathic and they all function extremely well as a team. After 20 years of suffering from a bad rhinoplasty, Dr. Robinson gave me back my self- confidence and my life!

KK 4/22/2010

I was prepared for the surgery really well, like I knew what to expect. Everyone was really nice & supportive throughout the process. All in all, I feel good, look amazing, and I can breathe out of my nose!

KC 2/10/2010

Today, looking at my before and after, I am amazed. Dr. Robinson and his team did an awesome job. Dr. Robinson transformed my nose into the feminine feature I always wanted. I feel confident and beautiful! I would recommend Dr. Robinson and team to anyone. Along with consistent, predictable, excellent results, the office is also a joy to interact with. Thank you team Robinson!

BC 2/11/2010

Very helpful and knowledgeable doctor and staff. My new nose is the nose I should have been born with! It looks so natural that people keep asking me I’d I had a facial. They can’t tell I had any work done. Thank you so much! You’ve changed my life!

SP 3/03/2010

Thanks Dr. Robinson and his entire staff for a great job. The whole process went smooth for me because of y’all. I can already breathe easier through my nose and it looks a lot better too. So thank you all so much!!

CH 7/21/2010

I was very concerned upon being diagnosed with skin cancer on my nose; after MOHS surgery Dr. Robinson and his staff performed surgery to repair my nose. I am very pleased with the results.

DC 11/02/2010

Dr. Robinson and his staff made me feel comfortable and confident in their practice from the first appointment. Dr. Robinson was very conservative with his projected outcome of my rhinoplasty revision. The results have far exceeded my expectation and I have referred many people to his practice who are seeking facial plastic surgery.

KP 11/10/2010

I broke my nose 20 years ago and have wanted to fix it for years – fear and uncertainty held me back. Then I met Doc. Robinson! He came very highly recommended and lived up to all my expectations. I love my new nose – just wish I hadn’t waited so long! The office staff also did a wonderful job answering my questions and offering reassurance when I needed it. Doc. Robinson and his staff make the experience positive, which was really important for a nervous new patient like me. Thanks Doc!

RN 1/6/2011

Love the results of my rhinoplasty. The staff was extremely sweet and helpful. Very smooth and easy experience.

SB 1/24/2011

Oh My Gosh I feel so awesome I wish I had done this sooner. I had my nose and chin done and the doctor added volume to my lips and I feel wonderful. Cameras no longer bother me. I don’t cringe when asked to jump into the picture. I visited with many physicians over the years but stalked Dr. Robinson and knew no one could compare to his artistry…. And I was right, even when it came to my lip injections, and I have been too many. Ladies go no place else! This is defiantly a partnership I plan to maintain. I was pain free after surgery within 36 hours and had a St. Pattys day party for 70 people 5 days later. Everyone was amazed. This physician and his staff are truly the only group I’d ever use. Next are my eyes. YEAH!

CM 5/25/11

Dr. Robinson made all my dreams come true. I interviewed 6 doctors over the years and would not let anyone of them touch my nose. 30 years later I met Dr. Robinson and his staff. After seeing the work that he performed on his staff I was convinced that Dr. Robinson is truly gifted. He gave me the nose that I did not expect. He actually gave me a better nose than I could have ever hoped for. I really love his staff they are professional, kind and wonderful. I will never use anyone but Dr. Robinson. I have sent two people over to him already. Dr. Robinson and his staff are truly the BEST.

SA 7/5/2011

Dr. Robinson performed a septoplasty and chin implant in one brief procedure. I had nearly zero bruising and was doing normal activity 3 days later. Recovery was a snap and the results are fantastic.

PR 8/18/2011

I am very pleased with the results of my Rhinoplasty. Dr Robinson and his staff explained everything to me so that I knew just what to expect. The surgery center and their staff did a great job releasing my anxiety the day of the surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr Robinson and his staff to anyone seeking rhinoplasty. I have no regrets and am very happy I finally had the surgery.

MR 9/15/2011

As always, I am thrilled with the friendly and welcoming office environment. This includes Dr. Robinson and all of his staff. I feel welcome from the time I come into the office until I leave. This is extremely important when making decisions regarding surgery. I always get truthful and helpful answers to my questions. I am thrilled with my results so far. I am almost six weeks post surgery and I continue to see improvement to my breathing and the appearance of my nose. I feel comfortable coming here and will continue to choose Dr. Robinson to perform any additional surgeries that I may need or want.

HA 10/20/2011

Dr. Robinson and his staff are caring, efficient and professional. My rhinoplasty / septoplasty results surpassed my expectations. After only six weeks, my nose looks nice and functions better than it did before my surgery. As the interior swelling goes away my breathing gets better and better. At this rate, my ability to breathe efficiently through my nose will soon be two or three times better than it was presurgery. Dr. Robinson and his staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process from consultation, to surgery, and with follow-up visits. The surgery and initial healing process, in my case, were painless and relatively easy. As an end result, I still look like myself, only my nose looks and performs much better. Now I notice others looking at my eyes when I speak to them, instead of my nose. As I said, the end result has surpassed my expectations.

DR 2/9/2012

After researching and visiting many doctors for my nose surgery, I knew immediately after my consultation that Dr. Robinson was the best choice to fit my needs. He and his staff were extremely professional, but at the same time treated me as if I were family by making me feel relaxed about my surgical procedure. I could not be happier about the final result of my surgery. I made the right choice by choosing Dr. Robinson and his staff! Amy, Rachel and Heather – Thank you for all you have done for me! Y’all rock!

LH 2/16/2012

I was initially frightened to do this surgery – could be painful, etc. Then, I began to get “cold feet” not wanting to drastically change my nose, just get rid of the “bumps” on the top! Dr. Robinson apparently listened verycarefully to my desires because when the splint was removed I was happy to see he had done exactly what I requested. My nose looked great to me – swollen and everything else! I could still tell it was what I desired. The staff and everyone -including Dr. Robinson of course – were friendly and comfortable. They answered questions readily and were always helpful. When I had some bleeding a few days after surgery and had to go to the emergency room, Dr. Robinson called the next day – a Saturday – to check on me and reassure me. Over all, a positive experience! I feel much better about my appearance and am glad I got over my initial apprehension and fears!

BS 5/23/2012

It’s been a great, smooth and easy process with Dr. Robinson. I felt very comfortable with the staff and the knowledge/experience of Dr. Robinson as well. It’s always a little scary going under the knife for something so visible as my nose! But Dr. Robinson listened to all of my concerns and questions and the staff, likewise, was wonderful in answering, as well as explaining what to expect. This is a practice I will definitely recommend in the future.

CO 5/31/2012

Dr. Robinson performed Rhinoplasty and the results were very natural looking. The staff at the office was all extremely professional. Very positive experience. Approached the surgery with some apprehension on having a “plastic, fake” looking, nose. One day after bandages removed, my son commented on how natural my new nose looked!

SS 1/23/13

I am so happy we discovered Dr. Robinson when doing my research for a plastic surgeon to do my rhinoplasty. He and his entire staff were warm, welcoming and most importantly they all effectively involved and educated me in every aspect of the surgery. As a result, I approached surgery confidently. It was a huge benefit to be prepared for all that I experienced… no surprises! I am so pleased with the results – just as promised and what I expected. Thank you to all – Dr. Robinson, Amy, Heather, Whittany. You have been wonderful and I am grateful.

BP 11/15/2012

I came to Dr. Robinson for my 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty. My nose was off center and the right side had a hump from scar tissue that was formed from the revisions. After 2 unsuccessful attempts by other plastic surgeons, my expectations weren’t set very high to be able to corrects all of the damage that had been done. Dr. Robinson was very professional and he gave me the time and a thorough account of what I needed. I must say after the surgery when Dr. Robinson removed my bandages, I was more than amazed! My nose (besides a little swelling) looked like perfect nose and gone were all of the imperfections that I had lived with for so many years. There was even no sign I had gone through 3 surgeries. Thank you Dr. Robinson and to your amazing staff for changing my life!

GH 10/31/2012

Dear Dr. Robinson and staff, I would really like to thank everyone for the excellent care you have given me. I had a rhinoplasty and a chin implant that Dr. Robinson recommended to help my profile and looks. I was nervous and excited. From the very first visit, pre-op, surgery, and post op visit, the staff and Dr. Robinson were very friendly and professional. They eased my fears and treated me like a member of their family. I am very pleased with my results. I will be happy to refer my family and friends to Dr. Robinson and I will be coming back for other procedures when I need it. Thank you again!

DM 10/19/2012

I had a rhinoplasty and a chin implant performed by Dr. Robinson on July 25th. At only 6 weeks after surgery, I can honestly say I am thrilled with the result. Initially, I was consulting for a rhinoplasty (only) but Dr. Robinson advised a chin implant in conjunction with the rhinoplasty would be the most suitable procedure to achieve symmetry in my face, he was absolutely correct! I feel Dr. Robinson’s specialty lies in making you look like an improved version of yourself. My results were subtle but fantastic. My nose looks like my old nose, but better. It is not an obvious cookie cutter nose that you sometimes see. Also, during the procedure, Dr. Robinson discovered a couple of deformities I didn’t I had. He fixed them straight away and I now sleep and breathe better! If you are looking for and expect aesthetic advice without scarifying you “looks”, Dr. Robinson is the surgeon for you.

JM 9/13/2012