Facelifts have always been associated with surgical procedures that involve incisions, anesthesia and a recuperation period. However, innovations in injectable treatments have allowed patients with early signs of aging to achieve excellent anti-aging results with less discomfort and downtime. Introducing the liquid facelift – a combination of injectable solutions available from Dr. Burke Robinson that effectively reverse signs of aging by smoothing out lines as well as recreating lost volume.

Concerns Addressed

One of the greatest advantages to a liquid facelift is the ability of the procedure to address a number of aging concerns in a single treatment session. Those aging signs might include:

  • Wrinkles of the forehead and brow area
  • Fine lines around the eyes and lips
  • Facial creases extending from the nose, mouth and jawline
  • Loss of facial volume in the cheeks, chin, temples and under the eyes
  • Early signs of skin sagging affecting the chin and jawline
  • Lips that have lost fullness and definition

Because this procedure is highly customizable, Dr. Robinson focuses on the precise areas where you are experiencing aging symptoms. Formulations can be used in nearly any combination to provide you with the best possible results.

Injectables Used

One reason for the rising popularity of the liquid facelift is the availability of many different injectable formulations today. Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport smooth away wrinkles that form when certain facial expressions are made. Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane smooth away lines that become etched in the lower face. These formulas are also effective in restoring youthful volume to areas like the cheekbones and under the eyes.

About the Procedure

A liquid facelift requires no anesthesia and usually takes just a few minutes to complete. There is relatively little discomfort associated with the procedure; usually topical anesthetic cream or ice is first applied to the skin. Deeper injections often contain lidocaine in the formula to improve patient comfort. Once the injections are completed, patients may return to their daily schedule without any downtime after treatment.

Injectable treatments are temporary and will need to be repeated on a regular basis to maintain results. Duration of the injections will vary based on specific formulations used and the placement of the injections. Neuromodulators typically last around 3-4 months, while dermal fillers can last 6-12 months or even longer in some circumstances.

Choosing the Right Provider

While a liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure, it requires experience and expertise to ensure proper placement of the injections for natural and beautiful results. Dr. Robinson is experienced in injectable treatments and will work with you to make sure the formulations and injections chosen give you just the enhancement you are looking for. To learn more about your options in liquid facelifts, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery at 770-667-3090.