Skincare is a Journey: Meet Heather Davis, LE


Georgia native, Heather Davis, LE, has always been fascinated by skincare. And after an interview with Dr. Robinson, Heather accepted her current roles as a licensed assistant laser practitioner and licensed esthetician at Dr. Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery.

“While facial plastic surgery is interesting,” Heather said, “The skincare journey doesn’t end with surgery. After graduating from aesthetician school in 1999, I realized I wanted to be that person to guide a patient through a long-term skincare journey to achieve their goals.”

In her role, Heather complements the clinical side of skincare (fillers and surgery) with solutions-driven recommendations to extend the effects.

“While procedures are important for healthy skin,” she said, “It’s also critical to complement surgery with a robust skincare routine with the right products or additional treatments.”

While I’ve visited Heather a few times for a HydraFacial, I always learn something new from her. And this time, I was excited to learn more about Heather’s perspective on skincare treatments and products.

MH: What would you describe is different about you and your approach to skincare?

HD: We’ve all walked into a drug store or department store before and have been overwhelmed with all the skincare products out there. It’s exhausting to read through everything and filter through what can actually work for your skin.

In my role, I like to be that guide for others. I value integrity and ultimately, I love advising people on what will work best for their skincare. I can’t imagine advising people to try something on their skin that they don’t really need. It’s a waste of time and money, and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me.

MH: What does your day-to-day as an aesthetician look like?

HD: My day has variety, though I enjoy consultations the most. During this time, it’s a 45-minute appointment with patients and I walk through their current skin conditions and recommend solutions to achieve their goals. It’s quite rewarding for me. Aside from consultations, my day-to-day is often filled with performing skincare treatments like HydraFacial, laser like BBL and Halo and other skincare improvement treatments like dermaplaning or micro needling.

Let’s talk products and treatments. What are some of your favorites?

Three products are essential to everyone: vitamin C, sunscreen and retinol. Those are absolutely non-negotiable. As far as a favorite, that’s Skinceuticals CE Ferulic®. As for treatments, I’ll be honest: I’m willing to try anything on my skin to see how it works and whether I should recommend it to others. I find Halo to be the biggest bang for the buck – it treats a myriad of issues by working into the lower level of skin, so it truly helps with the aging process. Chemical peels are also a favorite. Overall with treatments, I want to be able to realistically tell a patient how the treatment will feel on them. It’s all about integrity.

Skincare is a journey. Want the best skin of your life? Schedule a consultation with our skin care expert Heather Davis. Contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery today 770-667-3090

Heather Davis, LE
Assistant Laser Practitioner & Licensed Esthetician