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The Next Best Thing to Retinol

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Among all skincare products, retinol is the most admired largely due to its long history of scientifically proven results. Working on the outermost superficial layer of skin, retinoids has shown to improve tone and texture, plus stimulate collagen production and counteract signs of aging. But if retinols

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The Biggest Aesthetic Trend Predictions of 2023

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From the increasing variety of facial aesthetic procedures to the growing acceptance of such facial aesthetic procedures, it isn’t surprising that more people are choosing aesthetic procedures than ever before. Admittedly, some procedures are becoming more popular – or more requested – than others. Across the nation,

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The Biggest Mistakes when Applying At-Home Facials

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We all love a good facial no matter the day. But let’s face it: it isn’t cheap – and often, a little at-home self-care makes more financial sense. While it’s friendlier to your wallet, it does allow freedom to do whatever you desire, such as watch your

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How Menopause Changes Your Skin

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Everyone talks about how hot flashes are normal during menopause, but few people talk about other bodily changes that occur during this time – like skin changes. As a teenager, many of us wrestled with acne and other skin issues because hormones were chaotic and all over

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Top 4 Causes of Aging Poorly

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We all want to age well – and many of us attempt to buy our way there. Take a look at your bank account and you probably have spent a significant amount of time and money on anti-aging products, supplements, diets, treatments, and other regiments. No matter

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