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Trending Treatments for People Over 50


Hitting each new decade is a time to celebrate and turning 50 is no different. While deeper confidence, wisdom and insights come with age, collagen breakdown, lower skin elasticity, and fat loss also come with age, too. Collagen starts breaking down in our 20s, so a 50-year-old

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The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery: Transparency

Over the past few years, more celebrities have come forward about their plastic surgery. For example, fashion designer Marc Jacobs posted on social media about his facelift this past July. Posts included images of his recovery. What did people see? Not a painful, horrible recovery, but the

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Lessons Learned about Post-Surgery Care

Friends, family members, and total strangers can give advice on what to do after plastic surgery. But no one can really provide the best post-operation advice aside from surgeons themselves. The best surgeons have been practicing for years, and after seeing countless facelifts, rhinoplasties, brow lifts, and

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