Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Looking Good

It’s a common concern: many of us feel shame and guilt with wanting to use facial plastic surgery to modify our appearance. Some questions like “Could this be superficial?” or “Will I be judged by my friends?” often roll around in our minds, forcing many of us to second guess our decisions or worry about other people’s opinions. In short, it’s unsettling.

Our thoughts? You should never consider an aesthetic treatment as a vanity purchase. Here’s why:

  1. You’re enhancing your appearance for you.
    Plastic surgery can get a bad rap across the United States. Often when most people think of the word “plastic,” they immediately associate it with fakeness. However, “plastic” in facial plastic surgery has nothing to do with material plastic at all. In fact, the word “plastic” comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or to change. Cosmetic enhancement is a form of empowerment, not pride. Empowerment is about being psychologically healthy, fulfilled, and confident. Thus, when you partake in a facial plastic surgery procedure, you’re enhancing your appearance – enriching, helping, improving or perfecting it – tweaking your appearance to be the best version of how you see yourself.

  2. How we present ourselves impacts how we feel about ourselves.
    There are some people who refuse to leave the house without makeup or refuse to go to the store in gym clothes. Similarly, when you have a facial flaw or something that really bothers you, it’s normal to feel that you can’t get past it. After all, we all have individual preferences or things we value most such as always having our hair long versus short, only using a certain brand of foundation, or only purchasing a certain type of toothpaste. While facial plastic surgery is more intense than a dramatic haircut or color, at the same time, there is not a difference. Both plastic surgery and new hairstyle reflect how you present yourself and thus how you feel about yourself. Those who present themselves well also project confidence in how they feel.

  3. We want to appear how we want to feel – refreshed, energetic and rejuvenated.
    While it’s normal to feel uncertain about your decision to move ahead with facial plastic surgery, it’s most important to feel entirely confident about your decision. Think through why you’re considering facial plastic surgery, contact us for a complimentary consultation, and together, we’ll work together to assess how we can create the best version of you.

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Dr. Burke Robinson is an award-winning Top Doctor with over 29 years of experience dedicated to only facial cosmetic surgery. He has devoted his life to helping others transform their dream look into a beautiful reality while maintaining natural-looking results. Your beauty, enhanced. Widely known for his genuine compassion and deep commitment to providing the utmost in surgical care, safety and results, Dr. Robinson has become one of the most trusted cosmetic surgeons in the Atlanta area.