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The Perfect Derma™ Peel

Perfect Derma Peel results
Sun Spots?  Acne scars?  Dull or aging complexion?   See results in 1 Week!
The Perfect Derma Peel delivers real results for all skin types & ethnicities

Dermapen® Micro-Needling

Dermapen® is a cutting-edge micro-needling procedure to help buff away fine lines & wrinkles, clear up acne scars & blemishes, re-stimulate collagen growth in your skin to improve your skin through natural healing.  A series of Dermapen treatments is usually recommended for the best anti-aging results. The number of treatments, as well as the depth of the needles, will depend on the specific skin concerns to be addressed. Most skin issues can be effectively treated within 4-8 treatment sessions using the Dermapen. After results are achieved, occasional touch-up treatments may also be required to maintain the best possible results.

Chemical Peels

A variety of medical-grade chemical peels are offered at our practice. Different active agents and strengths are used to treat different problems and levels of skin damage. Chemical peels are provided at our office in Alpharetta by our experienced esthetician, Heather Davis – voted “2016 Best Esthetician” in Atlanta’s BestSelf Magazines Best of Contest.  Heather provides the latest in chemical peels and other state-of-the-art skin care treatments. To begin the procedure, the skin is first cleansed and then the chemical peel is applied. Some peels may cause a slight stinging sensation, but this feeling is brief. Peel application typically takes no longer than 10 to 15 minutes, though this time frame ultimately depends on the type of chemical peel you opt for under Heather’s guidance. There may be some flaking, redness, or dryness after the chemical peel, but it will gradually fade as your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment.

TCA Peel

The TCA peel is considered a medium strength chemical peel procedure and it has a 7-10 days down time. TCA peel removes the top most layers of skin on the face which gives a person a much fresher look. TCA peels get rid of the dead and old skin that covers most of your face. It sort of breathes new life into your face. The main purpose of TCA peels is to rejuvenate ones skin.

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