Aesthetic Trends of 2021

Aesthetic Trends of 2021 RobinsonFPS

Looking Forward to the Aesthetic Trends of 2021

While the goal of any facial procedure is to help you preserve your timeless beauty, we also know that every new year is going to bring new aesthetic trends to consider. Before we dive into 2021, let’s discuss the laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, and skin-perfecting treatments we expect to see gaining popularity this year.

What We’re Most Excited About

We predict minimal facelifts balanced with restorative nonsurgical treatments, like injectable Kybella double chin reduction, to be popular this year. The great thing about these combination treatments is the minimal recovery time; unlike full facelifts, procedures like Kybella are administered in a few treatment sessions, typically about a month apart, with only slight swelling to deal with in between sessions. And the results are just as long-lasting!

Combination treatments also give us the ability to target highly specific areas, allowing you to maintain your favorite natural qualities and a youthful glow!

Laser Resurfacing

As technology improves with every passing year, the quality and diversity of laser treatments that we can offer get better and better along with it. Our Halo resurfacing laser is one of those treatments!

The Halo Laser by Sciton is a resurfacing laser that targets dark spots, fine lines, discoloration, enlarged pores, and mild to medium scarring to restore your skin to an even, glowing texture. The procedure is quick and efficient (typically less than 30 minutes!), and the results can be enjoyed for years to come, and even continually improved with further treatments.

Injectable Fillers

Facial Fillers have been popular for years, and we don’t see their reign ending in 2021! At Robinsons Facial Plastic Surgery, our team of Advanced Aesthetic Injectors is recognized among the top 1% in the nation and we provide a full-service menu of facial fillers to meet your goals. Contrary to popular belief, fillers don’t have to change your natural look but are ideal to accent your favorite features, enhance shallow features, correct volume loss, and soften deeper creases and wrinkles, and even prevent further wrinkling. Our team has the expertise vital to ensuring that your filler experience is easy, successful, and lasts as long as possible.

The Dewy Look

The soft, “dewy” glow aesthetic that you’ve been seeing everywhere will be prominent again this year, making treatments like the HydraFacial ideal to maintain your best skin. This skin-perfecting treatment exfoliates, hydrates, infuses, and protects in just one session, leaving your skin clean, restored, radiant, and on track to graceful aging down the road. HydraFacial is safe for all skin types and can be customized to treat specific concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, firmness and elasticity, dark spots and sun damage, and overall skin texture and vibrancy.

Whether you’ll be trying a trendy procedure in 2021 or sticking with your favorites, we can’t wait to see you this year! Visit our homepage to learn more about these procedures as well as the array of other treatments available, and follow us on social media at @robinsonfps for updates, trend-watch, and more. 770-667-3090