Balancing our Best Self and the Pressures of Social Media: Where Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery Comes In

Makeup, filters, and celebrities on social media are just a few of the overwhelming stimuli putting pressure on teens’ perspective of their appearance every day. It can be hard to understand what goes on in “their world” – especially as it becomes more and more digital – but these are some influences that even we can see.

pressures of social media image

Filters on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and more depict us with smoother skin, slimmer faces, lifted brows, longer lashes, et cetera. Everyone has a favorite filter! Sometimes it’s obvious when an influencer or a friend is using a filter, and other times, most concerningly for our teens, it’s not. Sometimes we get fooled into believing that these augmented reality appearances are real and attainable.

For teenagers and young adults of Generation Z, daily social media use and daily exposure to filters and #flawless and #nomakeup has been a lifelong experience, and studies are beginning to show a direct correlation to this generation’s exposure to social media and an increase in mental health issues anxiety and depression relating to body dysphoria, self-esteem, and body image.

As a nationally respected facial plastic surgery practice, every staff member at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery recognizes our responsibility to always be honest and clear with our patients about what aesthetic goals plastic surgery can help them achieve. We’re honored with the trust you put in our hands, and for our place in your journey to becoming your best, brightest, most confident self. This is why our consultation process is such a crucial step to every meeting with a new patient, and why so many of our patients feel we stand apart from our industry.

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As filters and celebrities continue to promote unrealistic plastic surgery results and create rigid and potentially damaging beauty standards, we’re here to remind you that you create your own image standards and goals, and we’re here to help you care for your skin, enhance your favorite features, and continue shining bright long into the future.

We also feel that these social media trends provide an unprecedented time for young people to recognize the importance of regular skincare and maintenance, and to learn how they can love their skin and preserve its beauty and individuality throughout their lives. There’s an influx of information (and false information) about skincare products and routines on social media platforms like Instagram TikTok, and if your child shows an interest in improving their skincare routine, we recommend scheduling them a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist to learn the best products for their skin type and age.

No matter what, don’t forget that no child is ever too young to wear SPF! Daily SPF not only preserves the skin and slows many signs of aging but prevents potentially painful sunburns and is our best protection against the development of cancerous melanomas.

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