Best Time to Schedule Plastic Surgery


If you are considering plastic surgery and not sure when you should schedule the time, you may want to consider the fall & winter months. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the fall and winter months are the most popular times for surgery for various reasons.

Easier Recovery
Cooler weather benefits plastic surgery recovery in a number of ways:

• Less time in the sun means fewer potential complications as the incisions heal
• More time indoors allows for more rest, which benefits the healing process
• Cooler temperatures tend to lead to less swelling and discomfort after surgery
• Compression garments are much more comfortable to wear in cooler weather

An Opportunity to have a Mini Stay-cation at Home
Many people find fall and winter are opportune times to indulge in a home vacation. Offices are often slower this time of year, which makes it easier to accommodate the time off you need for recovery. In addition, cooler weather makes staying home much more pleasant as outdoor temperatures may send you indoors anyway. Most of your friends and family won’t think much of you holing up in your cozy home for a week or two this time of year, so you can schedule your surgery as discreetly as you like.

Easier Concealment
There is no way to avoid the incisions, bruising and swelling that typically follow any type of surgery. However, you will find it much easier to hide those tell-tale signs of your cosmetic procedure during the cooler season that requires multiple layers of clothing. Hide signs of a facelift with a hat or scarf, or keep your neck lift under wraps in a turtleneck. Your dressings will be safely out of sight, so you can allow the healing to run its course without worry about your appearance.

Ready for the Holidays
If you schedule your plastic surgery now, you will likely be fully recovered by the time the holidays are upon us. This allows you to greet the festive season with your brand new look, sans swelling, bruising and other signs of recovery. If you spend the holidays with family and friends, you can rest assured your results will be ready to flaunt to all just in time for your Christmas toast and gift-exchange.

In addition, plastic surgery can be an excellent gift idea for those closest to you. If the procedure you want is a bit out of your budget, put it on your Christmas wish list and see if you don’t get a gift certificate or two from those you love to help offset the cost.

Starting New
The change of year is the perfect time to set resolutions, including those cosmetic goals you have been thinking about but haven’t yet pursued in earnest. Greet the new year with a new look or set a resolution to schedule your procedure in time to flaunt a new and improved you on your spring break adventures. Plastic surgery gives you something to look forward to after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has finally passed.

Fall & Winter brings plenty of positive benefits, from pumpkin spice lattes to the festivities of the holidays. Whether you are looking for a way to turn back the clock or correct a nagging imperfection, now is the right time to begin planning for your aesthetic goals. Make this season one to remember by getting your plastic surgery procedure at last.

Since Fall & Winter is the best time to undergo plastic surgery, please keep in mind that this is Dr. Robinson’s busiest time of the year.  We tend to use all of our blocked time in the operating room so it is imperative if you are contemplating surgery, you schedule now in order to reserve time.  

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