Brighten your Look with Dermaplaning

Few skincare procedures are one-size-fits-all; most require careful consultation and planning to get the most benefits for your skin if your skin even qualifies. Dermaplaning is one of the rare and happy few skin care hacks that our pros at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery recommend for almost everyone!

dermaplaning image

This non-invasive exfoliating treatment continues to improve skin over time and regular treatments, but also leaves skin smooth, glowing, and refreshed after just one treatment. Keep reading for all the reasons you should add dermaplaning to your regular skin regimen.

An exfoliating power move

Dermaplaning is the process of taking a small razor or scalpel over the surface of your skin to remove fine hairs and dead skin cells. The procedure leaves skin looking smoother and more consistent in texture, continuing to improve texture with multiple procedures over time. Receiving this 20–30-minute treatment every 3-4 weeks adds a deep cleanse to your exfoliating routine, leading to clearer, brighter skin, and fewer acne breakouts.

As this procedure sloughs off the dead skin cells in your top layer of skin, it encourages faster skin cell turnover, encouraging your skin to heal itself and reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and sunspots, creating a more even skin tone overall.

Dermaplaning requires no downtime, has no side effects other than mild redness, and is suitable for men and women of all skin types!

Beware the trends

With plenty of #SoSatisfying videos of dermaplaning and before & after images making the rounds on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more, this is a good time to remember that dermaplaning can be done wrong. It involves a sharp tool on delicate facial skin, and incorrect dermaplaning, such as if the procedure is done on sensitive skin or open skin, is applied with too much pressure, or is done too often, can cause irritation and other skin damage, such as microtears or even open wounds.

Because of these concerns, we strongly recommend anyone interested in adding dermaplaning to their routine consult with a skincare professional and receive their treatments in-office.

Dermaplaning is also often confused with dermabrasion, a different (and more dramatic) form of skin resurfacing that involves applying a rapidly rotating device to the skin to remove the top layer of skin and reduce scarring, wrinkles, and other blemishes.

Some sweet bonus benefits?

In addition to its exfoliating benefits, dermaplaning increases the penetration and absorption of your daily skincare products, so you get more anti-aging benefits every single day and provides smoother skin for better makeup application! Because of this, many professionals recommend dermaplaning before laser treatments or chemical peels, because that one simple step can improve the effectiveness of those treatments, too.

Contact us to learn more about how dermaplaning can fit into your regular skincare routine and take your first step toward healthier, younger, and dewier skin! 770-667-3090