Don’t Carry the World On Your Face – Consider a Brow Lift

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your face? You can be if you continually have a furrowed brow or wrinkled forehead. And while injectables present some non-surgical alternatives to alleviating stressed-looking brows and foreheads, these options aren’t permanent. 

We all want natural-looking results, and Dr. Robinson improves your appearance with a simple brow surgery to reduce the effects of a heavy, drooping brow. The brow lift procedure is performed endoscopically, thereby avoiding hair loss and long, wide scars that are associated with the traditional coronal brow lift. And even better? Scalp numbness is temporary.  

Curious about rejuvenating your forehead or brows surgery? Here’s what you should know:

1) You want to avoid the permanently “surprised” look.

Although the brow lift can be done as an isolated procedure, it also can be performed in combination with an upper eyelid surgery, providing a more rejuvenated look to the entire upper face and forehead. Consider this when you’re exploring your options for a brow lift in order to avoid the permanently “surprised” look. After all, an effective brow lift is a surgery that tweaks your brow in millimeters rather than centimeters, creating a subtle, but noticeable change to your forehead’s appearance.

2) Know about your forehead lift techniques.

The Endoscopic Browlift is key to patients with mild to moderate brow drooping, With several short incisions made in the scalp and concealed behind the hairline, the tissue beneath the skin is examined using a tiny camera called an endoscope and the images projected onto a video monitor.  Dr. Robinson accesses the tissue through those incisions, and using specialized instruments repositions the brow. 

The Mid-Forehead Lift features an incision made in a natural forehead crease some distance above the eyebrow.  It is particularly useful in males with thin or receding hair and deep forehead wrinkles.  Patients with deep wrinkles and significant brow ptosis (sagging) are good candidates for this technique as well.  After a small incision is made in the forehead crease, excess skin and tissue are removed, the underlying tissues are repositioned and tightened and the incision is closed with non-absorbable sutures.  Non-absorbable sutures diminish scarring in this area and are removed in seven days. 

3) Healing is practically painless.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort and begin to feel comfortable within a few days of surgery, but it is advised to spend a full week at home to promote adequate recovery.

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