Enhance Your Profile with Chin Augmentation

A well-defined chin and jawline are one of the most subtle ways to enhance one’s profile and effectively, create facial harmony. While simply enlarging a chin when it’s too weak can improve one’s overall facial appearance, a chin augmentation procedure also improves facial proportions, ideal for rhinoplasty patients that have a strong nasal profile.

But for someone who is new to learning about chin augmentation, here are some of your common questions and answers:

What is chin augmentation?
Simply put, it’s an implant. And it’s pretty straightforward. It’s a sculpted piece of material (usually silicone) that is inserted onto the chin, and molds around the chin bone to increase the projection and definition of the chin and jawline. It is most commonly performed on patients with a “weak” chin.

Why should I consider chin augmentation?
The primary reason to have chin augmentation is to improve balance in what your facial profile has, establishing better ratios between the chin, nose and forehead.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for chin augmentation?
At your initial consultation, Dr. Burke Robinson will assess your skeletal and tissue structure, evaluating the shape of your face and features for medical and aesthetic reasons. The most important view to see if you’re a good candidate for chin augmentation is by looking at your profile (side-view). Does the front edge of the chin meet or come close to the line drawn straight down from the lower lip? If the chin falls short of this, your nose may appear bigger than it really is. When the chin does have an inadequate projection, a chin implant can commonly and easily correct the illusion of a large nose.

What does the procedure look like?
The procedure is relatively quick. Dr. Robinson places the implant through a small ½ inch incision made just under the chin. Using absorbable sutures, Dr. Robinson closes the incision and the chin heals.

Why should I consider Dr. Burke Robinson for my chin augmentation?
Dr. Robinson is a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has spent more than 28 years dedicated to only facial cosmetic surgery. Specialized in the most advanced surgical and non-surgical facial procedures to enhance and revitalize the appearance while maintaining natural-looking results. Dr. Robinson has expert knowledge of facial anatomy and superior aesthetic sensibility. The result? His keen insight helps him develop a personalized surgical approach which boosts overall patient health and satisfaction, while also minimizing scarring.
With the assistance of digital imaging, Dr. Robinson works with his patients to demonstrate the potential change in which a chin implant can create. Patients are frequently surprised and delighted with the ability to see what they may look like with the implants.

What does recovery look like?
After approximately five to seven days, most patients can resume normal activity. It is not uncommon to have some temporary numbness of the chin or lip that usually resolves over weeks to months, but has no impact on lip or chin movement. Bruising is rare, and swelling resolves in less than a week’s time.

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