What Men Look For in Facelifts

facelifts for men

The facelift, a surgical procedure that produces a more youthful facial profile, is no longer just for women. With a few adjustments to the technique and the overall results, this procedure can easily be customized to the needs of the male patient as well. As more men are looking for ways to turn back the clock for both personal and professional reasons, the facelift is getting more attention from this demographic than ever before. Dr. Robinson, who frequently performs facelifts on his male patients at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, has a few factors for men to consider before going under the knife.

Purpose of a Facelift

  • The primary purposes of a facelift are the same for men as for women:
  • Remove loose, sagging skin from the mid and lower face
  • Reduce the appearance of jowling along the jawline
  • Tighten up the lower jaw to eliminate a double chin
  • Eliminate “Platysmal Bands” of the neck
  • Create a more streamlined and youthful facial profile

While these primary goals remain the same, there are also some considerations that are specific to men. That is why it is important to choose a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Robinson that is experienced in men’s procedures, to ensure your surgery is tailored to your gender-specific needs.

Timely Choice

Men typically do not want to wait too long to pursue plastic surgery, since the more severe the aging signs to correct, the more dramatic the results may be. Since men don’t usually want to “give away” the fact that they had work done, an earlier correction that is not as noticeable is usually preferred. The other advantage to seeking surgery earlier rather than later is that prompt treatment can ward off more severe signs of aging for an extended period of time.

Keep It Subtle

While women tend to want a noticeably younger appearance after a facelift, men may be a bit choosier about which wrinkles go and which ones remain. For example, men often want to leave a few fine lines in the outer corners of the eyes because those crow’s feet can make them look more distinguished. By the same token, men tend to like to focus more on their lower face and jawline, since a strong, defined jaw exudes strength and masculinity, leaving some of the upper faces untouched.

Incision Placement

Because men tend to wear their hair shorter, incision placement is likely to be more of a concern for men. Men that are experiencing male pattern baldness will also want to ensure the incisions made now will not be revealed later as the hair thins further. There are tricks a plastic surgeon can use to camouflage your incision and post-operative scarring, such as placing your incision into the natural creases of the skin in front of the ear and also fading it into the hairline behind the ear.

Surgical Alternatives

For men that would like to achieve a younger look but are not yet ready for surgery, there are cosmetic treatments for them as well. Men with mild to moderate signs of aging may benefit from injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers that smooth away lines and reverse early signs of skin laxity. Less invasive surgical procedures, such as the “mini” lift can also provide satisfactory results with smaller incisions and less downtime.

If you are ready for a subtle change to your appearance, perhaps now is the time to contact Dr. Robinson for a consultation. Dr. Robinson has ample experience working with both male and female patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. To learn more, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery today at 770-667-3090.