Getting to the Point on Injectables

cosmetic injectablesThe advertisements for injectables appear almost everywhere — from magazines and internet pop-ups to television spots and even plastered across the sides of city buses. The newest formulas for injectables present superior non-surgical solutions for reducing the most common signs of facial aging. But, patients should be discerning about exactly who handles the needle! In the Atlanta area, Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery (RFPS) maintains excellence in all areas of the practice, including the training and approach necessary for safe, effective injections.

Years ago, the first generation of injectable treatments meant covert parties on the Upper East Side or “Champagne & Syringe” events along Rodeo Drive. These high-dollar, haute-couture happenings touted off-label usage of botulinum toxin, the substance found in bacteria that also causes botulism. While this neurotoxin was identified almost 200 years ago, its beneficial uses were uncovered by modern researchers with FDA-approved applications emerging in the late 1970s and eventually evolving into the development of the Botox? and Dysport? products we know today.

Of course, these immense benefits include the smoothing of some wrinkles by gentle, targeted paralysis of the underlying facial muscles responsible for the ridges and puckering. The most common areas treated with Botox and Dysport are the forehead, brow and frown lines. In some patients, the consistent use of Botox and Dysport may work to “retrain” these muscles for long-term impact.

Injectable formulas have expanded to include a variety of treatments. Now, in addition to the wrinkle-release capability of botulinum blends, a host of injectable fillers offer skin support, plumping the lines formed when skin loses volume. Some of these fillers use bio-stimulators to encourage collagen production and others add more of the skin’s naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid to boost sagging areas. The range of options can be tailored to achieve an individual, personal result that is unique only to your face. The RFPS team of experts has you covered from A to Z, or maybe that’s from B to V — Botox to Volbella.

The most crucial element of researching injectable treatment options is to seek the guidance of licensed, board-certified professionals. Do not take chances on your face. Defer opinion to a medical professional specifically trained to use these formulas. Dr. Robinson and Michelle Giglio, PA-C, bring years of experience and personal consideration into every consultation. In fact, they teach other professionals nationwide! Dr. Robinson holds certification as a national trainer for Galderma Aesthetics and our Advanced Aesthetic Injector, Michelle Giglio, PA-C, holds national trainer certification from both Galderma and Allergan. Trust the artistry of our refined aesthetic to evaluate the sharpest options for a refreshed, beautiful facial rejuvenation.  Call 770-667-3090 to schedule your appointment today!