Laser-Focused Enlightenment

Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing

“halo |?h?l?|: mid-16th century (denoting a circle of light around the sun, etc.); From Latin halos/Greek hal?s  ‘disk of the sun or moon.”

That face of yours … it lights up a room. Your face is a sculptural masterpiece — a miraculous creation of bone, cartilage, cells and the delicate skin tissue wrapping the whole marvelous construction with a lustrous protective layer.  Every curve and contour, or crease and crinkle, of your countenance is unique.

The ways your skin ages and changes are also unique. Each day, your skin experiences its own personal set of challenges, whether impacted by time and temperature or by stress and sun damage. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting those challenges. The Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery (RFPS) team curates a strategy for each client and one of the most illuminating treatments to consider is the Halo laser treatment.

Shine a Light

Powerful UV rays leave their mark on everyone, even with years of using sunscreen religiously. After a long, hot summer, sun damage might seem magnified as you notice:

  • Darker brown spots and freckles
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • More fine lines and wrinkles

Maybe those imperfections have bothered you for quite awhile, along with skin laxity, enlarged pores or shallow scars. The Halo laser treatment tackles all of these issues, efficiently and effectively, on a variety of skin areas. Our RFPS Assistant Laser Practitioner Heather Davis customizes targeted use of this advanced technology enabling precise results.

May the Force Be With You

Halo laser hybrid technology combines two types of lasers in treating the skin. A non-ablative laser triggers a natural rejuvenation response, while an ablative laser reaches into the deeper dermal layers. The use of both lasers together increases beneficial results with limited downtime for recovery.

Heather Davis begins each Halo experience by applying a soothing topical anesthetic to the area being treated, allowing about an hour for the formula to comfortably numb the surface of skin before beginning the procedure itself. Heather individualizes each laser treatment to suit the needs of the patient. An average procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes, and then another 15 minutes post-procedure for skin to cool down before clients return home.

Radiant Results

Before & After 1 Halo Treatment. Results may vary per individual. Photo courtesy of Sciton.

Recovery and downtime are both minimal after Halo, but there are some side effects. Your skin will be tender and red for several days post-treatment. Swelling is also common and can be relieved with cold compresses or ice packs — sleeping with your head elevated for the first couple of nights may help reduce inflammation. By the second or third day after Halo, the treated areas begin to darken and flake in a peeling process which take a week or more to complete.

The long-lasting results of a Halo laser treatment leave your skin looking refreshed and illuminated, restoring your personal glow in a signature style as unique as you are.

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