Leave Your Baggage Behind and Find Relief for Under-Eye Insecurities

So many of us struggle with dark circles and under-eye bags, whether they appear due to lack of sleep, stress, or simple genetics, the real question is always what do I do now?

dark circles under eyes

Where do under-eye bags come from?

The skin under your eyes is significantly thinner than the skin of the rest of the face, meaning it’s more susceptible to blemishes and hyperpigmentation. As we age, our skin loses collagen, the structure in our skin that keeps it tight and bouncy, and this thin skin is one of the first areas to suffer and sag from this loss.

Dos & Don’ts of Caring for Your Eyes

Be gentle! Because the skin around your eyes is so thin, it’s crucial that you treat it delicately. When applying serums, creams, or makeup, never rub or drag your fingers across the under-eye area. Instead, use just one finger and pat the area gently until the product is blended or absorbed.

Stay hydrated! A vitamin-rich diet is an important part of maintaining healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water and consistently staying hydrated can help your skin maintain healthy volume and recover more quickly from lack of sleep, stress, and other incidents that can contribute to under-eye bags.

Don’t count on quick fixes! While applying a cold compress or a chilled teaspoon can bring down under-eye swelling temporarily, or certain products may fight discoloration in the area for a fancy evening, prioritizing long-term anti-aging is far more important than piling on the products. After all, too many products, or the wrong combination, can lead to even more inflammation in the area.

Adding retinol to your under-eye care routine can help encourage collagen production and restore volume to the area. In many cases, however, more drastic procedures, such as microneedling, can provide longer-term improvements to under-eye bags.

Microneedling is a common procedure and can be applied to all areas of the face, neck, and decolletage to improve skin color and texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At Visage Skin Care & Laser Center, a division of Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, we use the RejuvaPen Microneedling system, a cutting edge procedure that clears up and reduces imperfections in the skin, while simultaneously encouraging the production of new collagen, leading to lasting results.

This state-of-the-art technology, combined with the expertise of our highly trained team, allows us to perform microneedling on areas as delicate as the under-eyes. Regular sessions or touch-ups with our team reduced discoloration and increased firmness under the eyes can continue to improve over time, fighting the effects of aging for years to come.

A consultation with our team can help determine what steps are best to treat your under-eye insecurities, whether it be an updated skincare routine dedicated to fighting under-eye bags, or the introduction of microneedling for more drastic anti-aging results. Schedule your consultation by calling our practice at 770-667-3090 or visiting our website.