Let Go of Shaming People for Having “Work Done”

The truth is: a lot of us have had cosmetic procedures – and data shows it. As aesthetic preferences or beauty standards change over time (we all remember the hair and makeup trends from a decade or two ago), how we perceive our bodies and others’ also changes.

With each beauty shift comes a ripple effect within the world of plastic surgery, leading to trends like lifted eyes, smoothed foreheads, or filled lips. Even more, all of these tweaks are becoming more common and more accessible. Data shows that by 2025, cosmetic procedures as an industry will be worth $43.9 billion. Yet, although the familiarity of cosmetic procedures is growing, the stigma surrounding them – and those who choose to get them – hasn’t changed for the better. The bottom line: many people are getting work done, but no one is talking about it in a positive way.

Why the ongoing stigma?

Social media and publications across the country often explore before and after images of celebrities, attempting to call out someone who has had a procedure, implying shame for having the procedure in the first place.

The truth is: the motivation to have cosmetic treatments runs deeper than the stigma would have us believe because in fact, some people just want to have a procedure completed. We all experience life in different ways, and how we feel about ourselves is important. Thus, people like the way they look and feel after having a procedure – and they’re interested in getting more.

One of the biggest misconceptions about plastic surgery that contributes directly to the stigma against it is the idea that it is purely cosmetic. It’s as if people view others are not “natural” for having procedures, and those who forego procedures are seen to have a badge of honor for looking good on their own.

Rather than viewing cosmetic procedures as “fake,” it’s more important to focus on the individual and their self-perception. A recent study shows that many people are motivated to undergo procedures based on their desire for self-improvement, with 90% of people feeling more positive post-treatment.

How we can change perspectives

Transformative beauty shows no signs of slowing down. Yet many people hold the idea that cosmetic treatments are vain, superficial, or only for people with low self-esteem.

However, we all have things about ourselves we’d like to improve. Cosmetic surgery helps people feel better about themselves – and no one should feel ashamed for wanting that. It’s human nature to want to look and feel your best.

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