Pandemic-Era Procedures: Why They Have Been So Popular

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We’ve experienced a lot of changes over the past 18 months: work-from-home guidelines, new dining experiences, and an overall emphasis on cleanliness and personal hygiene. While the way we work, live and play has changed, even more dramatic of a change is the rise in more Americans undergoing both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank says that the top non-surgical procedures individuals had in 2020 were neurotoxins and fillers. In short, there’s been an explosion in the demand for plastic surgery.

Why? One reason is that face masks cover a lot. A second reason is that more time in front of a screen, thanks to video conference calls, has many of us picking apart our appearance. Multiple surgeons agree that people are focusing on their lips and eyes more than ever. Here’s what we’ve noticed:

  • Working from home means seamless recovery time

During the pandemic, we did everything from working (for our jobs) to working out at home. With the extra time at home, it’s easy for individuals to recover from invasive procedures that require more downtime or non-invasive procedures that simply require you to relax at home for a few hours or a day. Moreover, social distancing has been a great reason it’s been easy to undergo procedures because people don’t have to worry about meeting people in person. After all, who wants to explain fresh scars or swelling?

  • Masks mean more critiquing of what’s covered by them

As mentioned, wearing masks as the fashion accessory of 2020 has made many people pick apart what’s hidden beneath their masks. Plus, face covering have allowed more people to feel comfortable with undergoing certain procedures, thanks to a mask’s ability to hide immediate not-so-flattering after-effects.

Additionally, by wearing a mask, eyes and foreheads are in the spotlight – so it’s no surprise that more individuals are nit-picking wrinkles and fine lines in these areas. At home when people aren’t wearing a mask, there’s still ample opportunity to pick apart one’s face because majority of people working from home are on video conference calls.

  • Zooming in on so-called flaws

As we spend more time looking at ourselves on screens – via Zoom, Facetime, or other video conferencing platforms – it’s easy for individuals to pick apart their appearances. We’ve all spent time in front of a mirror, but in front of a computer screen, we are speaking and being animated, giving us more opportunity to see how our faces move when we communicate. As a result, people are seeing things about themselves that they hadn’t realized before. 

One thing we all learned from the pandemic is that life is too short to postpone the things you have always wanted to do. While the pandemic can be deemed as a large pause in our lives, it forced many of us to postpone vacations, time with loved ones, and other things we desire to do. Many surgeons agree that Americans have built an increased sense of wanting to indulge in things more – such as cosmetic procedures.

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