Preventing Future Wrinkles


Skin resurfacing requires a significant investment of time and money, so you want those stellar results to last as long as possible. While results of facelifts typically last 7-10 years, there are steps you can take to maintain your positive results and ward off wrinkles for at least that long – or even longer. Heather Davis, Licensed Laser Practitioner, at Visage Skin Care Center (a division of Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery) has a few tips to help patients prolong their results after a skin resurfacing laser procedure:

Take Time to Heal

Immediately following your procedure, make sure you give your face ample time to heal from surgery. Follow all of your post-operative instructions to the letter. The better your skin heals after your resurfacing procedure, the easier it will be to maintain your complexion long-term.

Practice Consistent UV Protection

The sun was likely one of the biggest culprits in your need skin resurfacing in the first place, so don’t let those powerful UV rays wreak more damage after your procedure is over. Proper sun protection is a must throughout life, but especially after investing in plastic surgery. Choose an SPF of 30 or even higher if you spend a significant amount of time outdoors. Apply daily, and reapply HOURLY if out for longer than an hour. All sunblocks are neutralized after an hour no matter what the SPF rating is! Try to use makeup or moisturizers that have an SPF built in. but remember these products do not typically offer an SPF higher than 15, which is still not optimal alone.

Up Your Hydration

Skin oil production decreases over the years resulting in the drier skin which can lead to skin laxity and the formation of new facial creases. Minimize this problem by maintaining proper hydration in your skin after your procedure, both from inside and out. Heather can recommend a moisturizer to use on your skin daily that will replace vital hydration and nutrients the skin typically loses. You can also up your water intake to ensure your skin and the rest of your body gets the right amount of moisture.

Use Medical-Grade Skin Care

Your newly treated skin deserves the best TLC you can offer, which is where medical-grade skin care comes into play. Professional products tend to offer the most effective ingredients with the highest concentrations resulting in the best absorption rates to give you optimal results. In addition, Heather can recommend the best products for your specific skin type in order to take your skin care to the highest level.

Maintain with Non-Surgical Procedures

If you want to prolong the need for future resurfacing, consider a regimen of non-surgical procedures to help you maintain your positive results. Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation can keep your skin in top condition, but some lines and wrinkles will always require fillers and/or neurotoxins (Dysport/Botox). Injectable treatments can ward off the early signs of facial lines. Dr. Burke Robinson and Michelle Giglio, PA-C, both nationally recognized aesthetic injectors, offer a vast menu of injectable options to address all of your needs to help you reach every aesthetic goal after your skin resurfacing procedure.

Maintaining your skin after your procedure is a must to maximize the investment you have made in yourself. To learn more, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery today at 770.667.3090.