Non-Surgical Jawline & Neck Contouring

Profound RF, by Candela, is a revolutionary skin tightening treatment that relies on radiofrequency energy to lift and tighten facial skin without surgery.  This new energy-based facial treatment is designed to create new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks that keep your skin smooth and elastic.   All without surgery, fillers or toxins, Profound dramatically improves aging skin, so you can look years younger.  Profound is an in-office procedure with minimal downtime that carries a remarkable success rate.

The Profound Breakthrough

Profound RF skin tightening technology delivers precise wavelengths of temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy through the skin to create the three main building blocks of youthful skin.   Unlike other energy-based treatments that send energy from outside the skin’s surface, Profound uses microscopic needles to safely and precisely target each layer of skin.  This more effectively helps the skin become dramatically firmer and smoother, and even achieves a mild lift in just one treatment, without incisions or scars.

During a single in-office treatment session, this innovative device stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are often lost during the aging process.  This makes it an ideal solution for patients who want a more natural approach to facial rejuvenation.

 Profound Benefits

  • Stimulates the creation of all 3 skin fundamentals: Collagen, Elastin & Hyaluronic Acid
  • 100% patient response rate
  • FDA approved non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment performed in our office under local anesthesia
  • Safe & effective for men and women, all skin types, including ethnic skin


What signs of aging can be treated with Profound?

  • Profound Lift – to treat sagging jowls & loose skin under the neck
  • Profound Contour – to define the jawline & double chins
  • Profound Smooth – to treat the folds between the nose & cheeks

Results By Michelle Giglio, PA

Profound Skin Tightening

Who is a Good Candidate for Profound?

Profound is not meant to replace a surgical facelift and can best be described as a non-surgical, facelift alternative for those who do not need or are not ready for a full facelift.  Ideal candidates for Profound RF are people who are seeking to reduce the signs of aging in the lower face & neck area.

Recovery & Results

After the treatment, you can expect to return to normal activities the next day.  Any minor redness, swelling or bruising resulting from treatment can typically be covered with makeup within 24-48 hours.  Profound RF promotes the natural production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid of healthy skin over time.  Most patients report seeing improvement 6-8 weeks post-treatment.  Since new elastin & collagen require time to fully develop, optimal results may not be observed for at least 3-6 months after treatment.  However, there are a number of factors that will determine how long you can expect the results to last, including your health, age, and how you care for your skin after the treatment.


What is elastin?

Elastin is a protein that coils and recoils like a spring within the elastic fibers of connective tissue in the body – like your skin.  Elastin is what makes your skin, heart, lungs, and many other tissues elastic so that they can snap back into shape after stretching or contracting.

Why is elastin important?

Elastin works together in your skin with collagen.  Elastin provides elasticity and collagen (another protein in your skin) provides structure to keep your skin smooth and firm.

What is the effect of a lack of elastin as we age?

Starting in our mid 20’s, elastin starts to break down and become less elastic and lose its spring – think of a lumpy mattress as the springs become old and lose their ability to recoil.

How do you build new elastin?

Elastin is normally no longer made after puberty and aging begins.  In order to build new elastin, you need to cause a certain amount of damage to the skin by heating for example, so that the elastin starts to break down.  Then a healing process can begin to build new elastin.

What is the best method to build elastin & collagen?

Profound is clinically-proven to build elastin and stimulate collagen.  By carefully heating the skin’s elastin & collagen to an exact controlled temperature for an exact amount of time, Profound leads to the creation of new elastin and collagen to repair aging skin.

How many Profound treatments will I need?

You will only need 1 treatment to rejuvenate your skin with Profound.  There is no need to schedule multiple office visits in order to achieve optimum results.

At Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, our priority is YOU, the patient.  We look forward to helping you!

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift April 25, 2018