Gentle Laser Peel for a Youthful, Luminous Glow

Nothing shows age like our skin.  If your skin looks dull and tired, NanoLaserPeel is a perfect introduction to laser treatments and ideal for any patient interested in the newest, precise way to get smoother, luminous skin.  The NanoLaserPeel is a light exfoliation treatment that uses state-of-the-art erbium laser technology from Sciton to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.  The procedure removes the outer layer of skin cells and damaged tissue to reveal softer, more youthful skin underneath. The NanoLaserPeel is offered at our Visage Skin Care Center, a division of Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, to our patients looking for a quick way to enhance their appearance with minimal discomfort and downtime involved.

About NanoLaser Peel

The NanoLaserPeel delivers concentrated laser energy to the outer skin layers while accelerating the renewal of skin cells underneath.  The procedure leads to quick skin rejuvenation that can last many months before a touch-up procedure is needed.  New laser technology offers precision in skin care treatments not seen with other exfoliation treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels, so patients can get just the amount of exfoliation needed to achieve optimal results.

What conditions can be treated with NanoLaserPeel?

The NanoLaserPeel can be used to address any and all of the following skin concerns:

  • Dull, Tired Skin Lacking Luster & Vitality
  • Fine Line & Other Subtle Signs of Aging
  • Irregular Skin Texture & Tone
  • Sun Damage &  Uneven Pigmentation Issues
  • Scars & Keratosis

A NanoLaserPeel is effective for any skin type and tone.  The procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure, such as injectable treatments, to enhance results.

Benefits of NanoLaserPeel

Show up Friday, show off Monday!  Benefits of having a NanoLaserPeel include:

  • The “modern peel” – no more chemicals, harsh grinds, or long appointments that come with chemical peels & microdermabrasion treatments
  • Gentle laser peel instantly removes the top layer of skin for beautiful results with just 1-2 days of downtime.
  • Reveal soft, silky skin & restore a fresh, youthful luminous glow
  • A terrific introduction to the benefits of laser resurfacing

NanoLaserPeel Procedure

The NanoLaserPeel provides effective skin rejuvenation benefits without incisions or anesthesia.  Downtime after the procedure is also minimal, which has led this treatment to be dubbed the “weekend peel.”  Most treatments take less than 30 minutes to complete but work more deeply than other types of exfoliating treatments that take much longer to perform.  Patients report little or no discomfort during the procedure or afterward.

Recovery & Results

After the NanoLaserPeel, your skin may be red and sensitive, similar to a sunburn.  These side effects usually subside within 2-3 days depending on the depth of the peel.  Once skin heals, skin feels soft, smooth and makeup goes on easily and blends flawlessly.  Results of the NanoLaserPeel will be apparent once the skin has healed and will continue for many months.  Most patients will choose to repeat the NanoLaserPeel at somewhat regular intervals to maintain their positive results.

Heather Davis, LE

Heather Davis is an NCEA Certified Esthetician & Assistant Laser Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, voted “Best Medical Esthetician” 2022 & 2021 for Best of North Atlanta, and voted “Best Esthetician” for 2 years in a row by the Atlanta community for Atlanta Bestself Magazine’s Best of Contest.

At Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, our priority is YOU, the patient. We look forward to helping you!

NanoLaserPeel March 18, 2018