Rethink Natural Skincare Products

From clean eating to chemical-free home products, many Americans are focused on the clean lifestyle trend. Are “clean” skincare products actually “clean?” While natural skincare products may be free of chemicals, they aren’t always safer than their traditional counterparts. According to a recent study, descriptions of products labeled “clean” or “natural” are not regulated and may contain high concentrations of ingredients that can cause irritation and allergies.

The reality? The “clean beauty” movement is actually a marketing tool that plays upon the clean lifestyle trend. Dermatologists & estheticians recommend that rather than leaning toward “clean” or “natural” skincare products, take a balanced approach to choosing skincare products. Whether you lean toward drugstore brands or medical-grade products, consider products that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Our recommendation? Medical-grade products. Clinically-proven, high-performing skincare products are formulated to provide targeted solutions for enhancing the skin’s appearance and reducing signs of aging. Check out some of our favorites:

Revision Skincare

As an industry pioneer in developing groundbreaking technologies and innovations, Revision Skincare has a philosophy of believing that youthful-looking skin can be achieved without ever compromising skin’s long-term health.


Built from decades of skin cancer research which lead to breakthroughs in antioxidants, the SkinCeuticals product line is saturated with pure actives that penetrate optimally into the skin.


Skin not only needs protection from UV, but pollutants and free radicals as well. Colorescience focuses on developing products that prevent skin damage.


For more than 25 years, EltaMD has developed skincare products and sunscreens that help restore, protect and maintain healthy skin. Products are widely recommended across hospitals, burn centers and long term and short-term care clinics.


Using a team of skin biologists and formulation scientists, SkinMedica is constantly researching and developing new formulas to meet a broad range of skincare needs. The result? A solution for every skin type and condition.

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