Technology & Cosmetic Decisions

Technology impacts every industry, including the cosmetic one. While it’s hard to imagine a world without social media or the internet, multiple technologies influence our decisions, including our decision to move ahead with cosmetic procedures. Especially since the rise of social media, multiple customers are turning to trends seen across multiple sources as ideas for their next cosmetic procedure. Here’s what we’ve seen so far with technology’s influence on this industry.

Social Media
Perhaps the number one influence in the cosmetic industry is social media. On these channels, customers are influenced primarily by celebrities posting about their latest cosmetic procedures, suggesting that their procedure will work for everyone and generate desired results. And let’s be honest, more people admit to asking for plastic surgery based on how they want to present themselves on social media. Given that we live in a very visual world, it’s no surprise that social media is the leading driver for cosmetic requests from wrinkle relaxers like Dysport/Botox to lip enhancement to chin augmentations and more.

There’s practically an app for everything: to predict how you’ll appear decades from now, apps to change your appearance in photos, and so on. The result? Greater awareness of fine lines & wrinkles and how enhancements could potentially look on our faces.

Video Conferencing Software
Many of us now work remotely, forcing us to use video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom to conduct meetings. But often, these video conferencing tools don’t provide the best perspective of our facial features and expressions.

While technology is everywhere, impacting our daily lives, think thoroughly about using it to make decisions about your appearance. Just as skincare products can work differently depending on the person, the results of facial plastic surgeries and procedures also vary for each person. So, just because a celebrity has results doesn’t mean you’ll receive the same.

Beauty making decisions about your appearance should come from YOU – not your social media following or appearance on Skype or just because your favorite celebrity has done it. Instead, consider these questions before making a cosmetic decision:

  1. Why do I want a facial procedure?
  2. What positive outcome do I expect from my procedure?
  3. Do I think this facial procedure will make me a happier person?
  4. Is the cost of this cosmetic procedure worth it?

Honestly ask yourself these questions before making a decision. If you’re interested in learning more about cosmetic procedures at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, contact us today.