The Biggest Mistakes when Applying At-Home Facials

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We all love a good facial no matter the day. But let’s face it: it isn’t cheap – and often, a little at-home self-care makes more financial sense. While it’s friendlier to your wallet, it does allow freedom to do whatever you desire, such as watch your favorite show or cook dinner, while the product works its magic. However, there are a few ground rules when it comes to indulging in your favorite facial. The bottom line: one wrong move could accidentally do more damage than good. Check out our top at-home facial don’ts.

Don’t use professional-grade chemical peels

While it’s tempting to use these on your own, only do so if you’re a licensed professional. After all, the ingredients are potent and it can be shocking to see the potency of the chemical peels. If you use the products at home, you run the risk of long-lasting redness, pigmentation issues, and even scarring.

Instead, use peels and masks formulated for at-home use, as these are more gentle and can still improve skin texture and skin tone.

Combining too many active ingredients

Part of the joy with getting a facial is the layering of products and treatments that work alongside each other. Extremely aware of which ingredients work best together, professionals know what ingredients you should not combine. In general, only one active ingredient should be applied during a facial, otherwise you run the risk of sensitivity, inflammation and even burns or scarring.

To make it simple, start with a gentle cleanser and toner, then use a glycolic or lactic acid as your primary treatment. Then follow up with non-active hydrators, and soothing serums, moisturizers, sheet masks, and oils.

Attempting to do extractions yourself

Bottom line: extractions are an art for in-office setting. If you try this at home, it’ll only exacerbate your delicate facial skin and can lead to scarring and infection. Squeezing a pimple or picking at your skin can spread bacterial and run the risk of creating more acne.

When it comes to fighting any blemish, it’s best to ignore it. When it seems to be near eruption, place a clean, warm wet washcloth over it.

Using microdermabrasion or microneedling kits

While both microdermabrasion and microneedling kits are available to the public, most professionals agree that it isn’t wise to use these at home because they require a highly sanitary environment – and often, our homes and bathrooms aren’t sanitary enough like a medical office would be.

Microdermabrasion vacuums away the top layer of dead skin cells—and presents fewer complications compared to microneedling, but it can still put you at risk of redness, inflammation, abrasions, infection, and scarring. 

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