The Lowdown on Kybella


The aging process takes its toll on the face in numerous ways. The dreaded double chin, which often forms in the middle years, is as much a cosmetic concern for many as facial wrinkles. The problem is typically due to the accumulation of submental fat under the chin. Now, there is an injectable treatment that dissolves submental fat without incisions or anesthesia, and it is available at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery for our Atlanta-area patients.

The Problem with Submental Fat
Submental fat is a problem that simply doesn’t go away on its own. It does not respond to diet and exercise and can make you look like you have gained weight even if you haven’t put on a pound. The added fullness to the jawline can also make you look older than you feel. In the past, the only way to eliminate submental fat was through surgical procedures like liposuction or a facelift. Now, Kybella offers a faster, easier treatment option.

Dissolving Fat
Kybella is the commercial name for deoxycholic acid and it is the only injectable treatment for submental fat approved by the FDA. This substance is naturally produced by the body to help absorb fats. The synthetic version of deoxycholic acid in Kybella can also dissolve fat cells by destroying the cell membrane. Because the solution is synthetic, there is little concern about allergic reactions to the injections. Fat cells are destroyed and absorbed by the body, while the jawline becomes noticeably slimmer and more defined.

Who’s it for?
Kybella is recommended for men and women age 18 and over that have moderate-to-severe submental fat. If your double chin is accompanied by significant skin laxity, Kybella may not provide the results you are looking for. Skin laxity usually requires a surgical procedure like a facelift to reverse completely. The treatment is not recommended for fat deposits in any other area of the body at this time.

Procedure Facts
Kybella injections are placed under the chin using a very fine needle. The area will be injected with lidocaine prior to the procedure, to make it more comfortable. Some patients may experience swelling or bruising around the injection sites, and this varies based on the amount of product/injections needed.

Getting Results
Most patients will require more than one treatment session to achieve their full results. This can vary from 2-4 sessions based on patient response. Once the results are obtained, they are permanent since the fat is completely destroyed in the area.

While Kybella is a relatively safe and effective treatment for the elimination of submental fat, there are some risks associated with this procedure. Because of this, it is very important to choose a Kybella provider that is well-trained and experienced in administering the injections. Michelle Giglio, PA-C has received the appropriate training and has already helped numerous patients say goodbye to their double chins with Kybella injections, making her a good choice for your procedure.

Your double chin can now be a thing of the past without a surgical procedure. To learn more about Kybella, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery at 770-667-3090.