The Rhinoplasty…Make Every “Selfie” Count

Social media has taken over… well it took over years ago! If you are just realizing this, then you may have been living under a rock for the last 5-8 years. As Social Media grows… so does TECH… TECH includes photography from self held phones such as IOS and ANDROIDs. These technologies are becoming so good, that the picture we take and post are almost too good. And of course, our culture is becoming increasingly aware of how we appear in photographs, exposing our sometimes not so flattering facial structures such as our noses. I find myself taking 20 pictures until I find the right one and so does most people. For God’s sake this one picture is going to be a part of the permanent internet. Having said that, many of these pictures are taken from the “good side” or what a person’s perception of one side being better than the other side of the person’s face. And of course the nose takes up a significant percentage of the face, as well as being smack dead center, so this is crucial….

The nose contributes a lot to how a face looks from a side view. So even small humps or bumps, defects, or if it is disproportionate to the rest of your face, can have its ramifications in the “Selfies” people take and post on social media.

Well, a Rhinoplasty can change this! A surgical reshaping of the nose which is VERY common these days is a Nose Job. The re-shaping helps to blend the nasal surface structures so that a more symmetrical aesthetically pleasing look is attained.

Facial Profiles

The statement, “I have a good side and a bad side for pictures!”, is not exactly a lame or off statement. Our faces can look slightly different from one side to the next, and especially when you look at the face completely from one side. This would be a profile view. Our profiles have a huge impact on the aesthetic appearance of each side of our faces. It contributes to how the face appears as a whole.

Our profile’s appearance is mainly dictated by chin AND nose. To have a symmetrical face (Up and Down), the nose and chin should be proportional to each other. If our nose is even slightly larger or smaller, or we have bumps or indentations, the overall look of our profile and the overall balance of our face is thrown off and is immediately obvious to the person looking at a picture. NO!

Why a Rhinoplasty Works

A Rhinoplasty can improve the aesthetics of our noses by shaping it so that it is smoother and proportional to the rest of your face. Let’s say you have on the top of your nose (the nasal bridge) an arch, hook, or bump, the Facial Plastic Surgeon can literally shave and smooth out the underlying cartilage and/or bone, which can de-accentuate the nasal bridge. On the flip-side of this example, if your nose and nasal bridge is flattened out or “scooped”, a Facial Plastic Surgeon can use your own tissue e.g. cartilage from your septum, or implants to correct this as well…  If you sustained a traumatic car accident, got hit with a baseball at 93MPH, or lost a fist fight and your nose ended up broken and crooked, yes these issues a Facial Plastic Surgeon can correct. They are artists as well as surgeons.

Finding a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Just in this small blog one can see that the Rhinoplasty alone is a great tool, service, and possibly one of the most underrated life changing elective surgeries. Everyone’s face, just as a fingerprint, is different, and not necessarily for everyone. The point is that a consultation by a experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon is the ideal way for you to determine  with the Surgeon what can work for you. A Rhinoplasty surgeon should have years of training, as well as many cases of his own after his training to give you the optimal result.

Dr. Robinson without a doubt is an industry leader in Rhinoplasty surgery. If I may say so myself, and as an outside observer, he is very methodical in his approach for these type of corrective surgeries. His artistic ability has gotten him recognized not only for his surgical prowess, but more importantly, unknowingly to him, and IN MY OPINION, he is a personable doctor. That my friends is what makes a good Rhinoplasty result.

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