Three Reasons to Consider That Facial Surgery You Always Wanted This Winter

The holidays are in full swing as many of us are busy shopping for loved ones, baking for friends, hosting family members and participating in a slew of festivities. While much of the fun and excitement around the holidays focuses on giving to others, have you thought about giving a gift to yourself?

From facelifts to brow lifts, many of us desire to have different facial procedures. Yet few of us find the time for us to move ahead with a procedure. Treat yourself!

Here’s why you should consider that facial surgery you always wanted this winter.

1. Your social life typically scales back after the New Year.

Most facial procedures require some sort of downtime. Given that many of us have fewer social activities after the New Year until the spring, consider this as a great time to rejuvenate from the holiday hustle with a facial procedure.

2. The year does a lot of wear and tear on your skin.

From sun exposure to pollutants, multiple factors come in contact with your skin each day – leading to fine lines and wrinkles, skin imperfections, among other unwanted skin issues. As most of us are outside less in the winter, consider the wintertime as a chance to remove or reduce those imperfections with a facial procedure. Also, many of the laser procedures to correct those skin imperfections that accumulated during the warm months are best performed in the winter months, since avoidance of sun for the first 4-6 weeks is ideal!

3. Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery offers a slew of treatments – all in one place.

You may have your list of procedures you’re interested in, but there’s no need to run to different places. Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery focuses only on facial procedures, leading to more desirable results. Consider any of these options and their recovery times:

  • Facelift – By tightening underlying structures of facial muscle tissue, removing excess skin, your face appears less aged. Recovery time – One night in our post-op facility, then a week of relaxation.
  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) – This procedure involves small incisions to remove excess fat, muscle and skin. Recovery time – Minimal, and you can resume regular activities within a week.
  • Rhinoplasty – To address cosmetic concerns about the nose, or serve to correct functional breathing problem, this procedure can improve a nose’s appearance by restructuring the nose’s size, tip, slope and nostrils. Recovery time – This delicate procedure requires a week or more of initial recovery time.
  • Brow Lift – During this procedure, your drooping brow is restored, and your forehead is restored to a youthful smoothness, improving horizontal lines and deep furrows. Recovery time – One week at home.
  • Cheek Augmentation or Implant – To provide a more youthful and aesthetically balanced face, the cheek augmentation procedure gives fullness to flat cheekbones, improving contour and restoring sagging mid-facial soft tissues. Recovery time – A few days, and any swelling resolves within two weeks.
  • Chin Augmentation or Implant – A well-defined chin creates a harmonious face. Thus, by enhancing the chin when it is too weak, the chin then balances the face and improves the profile. Recovery time – A few days, and any swelling resolves within one week.

Ready to treat yourself this winter? Contact us 770-667-3090 for a Complimentary Consultation on a facial procedure of your choice.