Traveling for a Medical Procedure Checklist

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Patients travel from around the globe to take advantage of Dr. Burke Robinson’s expertise and experience in facial plastic surgery procedures. If you are one of those patients traveling a significant distance for your procedure, there are ways to ensure your medical trip is as safe and successful as possible. We have a list of dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind as you plan for your surgery.

Do Ask about the Surgeon’s Qualifications

No matter where your surgeon of choice is located, it is important to do your homework regarding training, experience, and qualifications for your specific procedure. Board certification from a reputable organization like the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a must. Referrals from previous patients or physicians whose opinion you already trust are also excellent criteria to use when selecting a surgeon.

Don’t Choose a Surgeon Based on Price Alone

One advantage to traveling for your plastic surgery may be to have the procedure in an area where prices on surgical procedures are lower. However, it is never a good idea to select your surgeon based on price alone. While cost is an important factor to consider, make your choice based on the surgeon’s qualifications first. Unfortunately, sometimes poorly performed surgery cannot be subsequently corrected, no matter how the surgeon doing the revision is.

Do Give Yourself Time Before Your Procedure

If possible, arrive at your destination at least a couple of days prior to your procedure. This gives you a chance to get settled into your temporary accommodations and meet with the surgeon and staff beforehand, as well as becoming familiar with the location of the surgery center. This allows you to tie up any loose ends or complete paperwork with the surgeon’s office, makes the actual day of the procedure calm, predictable and thus stress-free.

Don’t Schedule Your Trip Home too Soon

At the same time, depending on the type of procedure you are undergoing, you should schedule adequate time to give your body to recuperate before another long travel day. Ask your surgeon in advance what he recommends before you schedule your trip back home to ensure you will be safe and relatively comfortable.

Do Bring a Trusted Friend or Family Member with You

After your procedure, you will likely need some help from a trusted family member or friend for the first few days of your recovery. Bring someone with you on your trip that can stay in your hotel room with you and handle any needs that might arise. This person will also ensure you make it safely to your follow-up appointments and can contact the surgeon if any problems arise.

Dr. Robinson is accustomed to seeing patients from all over the world and provides travel assistance to those coming into Atlanta for their procedures. His staff can help you with travel arrangements, including discounted hotel rates for out-of-town patients. To learn more, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery at 770-667-3090.