WOW Your Peers with HALO


Let’s be honest. Beauty trends may fade, but glowing skin never goes out of style. But getting (and maintaining) radiant skin isn’t easy. From sun and smog exposure to stress, multiple factors play into the “glow” potential of your skin. Years ago, your skin may have been youthful-looking and radiant. But over time, your skin really does lose its glow, not only through environmental exposure, but also from purely natural aging.

As a result, you may see sun spots, fine lines and even (we don’t want to say it) wrinkles. And these signs of damage are even more prevalent after prolonged exposure to the sun – such as the end of the summer or your latest beach vacation. (Regardless, we hope you used sunscreen!)

All hope isn’t lost when it comes to achieving glowing skin. While previously used lasers couldn’t effectively remove this damage because the treatment was either too shallow or too deep, HALO is a laser resurfacing procedure that eliminates damage at the right depth.

Curious about HALO? Check out 3 reasons why you should consider this laser resurfacing option:

1. Better skin with less downtime.


HALO uses two types of lasers – an ablative treatment to clear portions of the epidermis and vaporize damaged tissue and a non-ablative treatment to penetrate deep into the dermal layer and stimulate collagen regeneration.

Personalized to each patient, the outcome of this two-pronged laser depends on your specific needs. Regardless your specific need, HALO promises the next level of laser resurfacing in terms of consistency, efficiency and safety. And what’s even better? You can achieve all these result of glowing skin with minimal downtime because HALO combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined synergistic effect you can’t get with any other treatment.

2. HALO is targeted to treat it ALL.


Sun damage? Discoloration? Visible signs of aging? Enlarged pores or uneven texture? HALO targets it all, regardless of your skin tone and severity of skin damage. While everyone’s skin and needs are different, HALO is customizable to meet YOUR needs…and your lifestyle.

3. It’s quick and easy – we promise.

A simple HALO session can last as little as 30 minutes. And while many patients are satisfied after 1-2 treatments, more extensive signs of aging may benefit from up to 4 sessions spaced a month apart. At your initial consultation, we’ll discuss what type of treatment cadence may be right for you. The results of a HALO session will last for years to come, but each additional HALO treatment will only improve the results, giving you even better-looking skin.

With the end of summer rolling around, it’s the perfect time to consider HALO Laser Resurfacing to remove any signs of sun damage from your latest beach vacation and gear up for your fall festivities. Book your consultation today with Heather Davis 770-667-3090