Correctly Shape Your Lips with a Filler

octopus lips. devil's lips. beauty trend 2019-2020
octopus lips. devil’s lips. beauty trend 2019-2020

Beauty trends are constantly changing and some can be quite bizarre. Recently, reports have shown that women in Europe have been considering a lip design with fillers, known as “devil lips” or “octopus lips”. While these concepts are new and extreme, experts warn against using injections to create shapes in lips. Injected incorrectly, fillers can end up in blood vessels, causing death to the tissue. The easy fix should you desire to follow this trend? Mimic this look with makeup or PhotoShop for your Instagram images.

lip enhancement
There is a common misconception that cosmetic injections are safe and easy to administer. The skill level and extensive training of the injector is vital to your outcome. For the safest & most effective results, it’s important to understand that not all injectors are created equal. Careful thought should be taken into consideration when selecting your cosmetic injector. We welcome you to experience the difference with our expert injectors.

At Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, we focus on each individual’s unique goals to establish the best treatment plan possible. No two patients are exactly alike and our approach is customized to your specific needs.  While it may seem simple to recreate the lips, there are actually multiple factors that need to be addressed by the provider prior to performing the treatment.  Re-establishing support, achieving balance in regard to the rest of the face, accentuating natural features, and product selection all need to be taken into consideration.

Why consider a lip enhancement?

Full lips are often noticed by the opposite sex more than any other facial feature. This is not a coincidence, but actually an inherent biological attraction. Full lips are associated with youth, fertility and beauty.  Our modern-day society is always looking for ways to turn back the clock, and treating the lips and mouth area can restore the look of vibrancy and rejuvenation.   

What are your options for a lip enhancement?

Multiple injectable fillers are available for lip enhancement at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Restylane® – A hyaluronic acid gel used to add volume and fullness
  • Restylane® Refyne – Softens minor to moderate lines, adds lip fullness
  • Restylane® Defyne – Smooths moderate lines; provides support and definition to lips
  • Restylane® Silk – Smooths fine lines
  • Juvederm® Ultra or Ultra Plus- Used for vertical lines and mild plumping of the lips
  • Juvederm Volbella® – A light hyaluronic acid formula for upper lip lines

What to expect?

Your comfort is a priority, so upon arrival a strong numbing cream is placed on the treatment area. This will minimize discomfort, as well as using ice throughout the procedure. The newer filler options produce minimal swelling, however this varies between patients.  Icing for 10-15 minute intervals in the 2-3 days following treatment is recommended, as well as avoiding strenuous exercise, heat exposure, and alcohol consumption.

If you desire an improvement in the appearance of your lips, have lines that bleed into your lipstick, or just want to enhance your features, schedule an appointment with us to discuss your options!  We welcome you to experience the difference with our providers. 770-667-3090