Favorite Procedures During this Facial Procedure Boom

facial plastic surgery boom

Many surgeons have seen a decline in appointments with patients due to fears of exposure to the COVID-19 virus – except some plastic surgeons. In fact, many plastic surgeons are seeing higher-than-normal demands for facial procedures. Why?

An increase in video-conference calls is one reason. And the ability to wear masks to cover up any scars is another reason. Moreover, increased time on video conference meetings has forced many people to scrutinize things about their faces that hadn’t normally bothered them. As a result, patients are turning to an assortment of procedures in an effort to alleviate these skin imperfections. Among the facial procedures, here are the most requested:

  1. Fillers – for reducing facial lines and creating more fullness in the face, many patients have turned to non-invasive facial fillers to create beautiful, natural-looking facial improvement. Botox among other injectables, has reportedly been one of the most requested cosmetic treatments since March 2019. LEARN MORE
  2. Facelifts – to tighten facial tissue, remove excess, sagging skin, and diminish visible signs of aging. LEARN MORE
  3. Eyelid Surgery – for lifting sagging or dropping skin around the upper and/or lower eyelids. LEARN MORE

While the above procedures and more can improve any facial imperfections we are suddenly unable to ignore, it’s important to assess that you move ahead with any facial procedure because you want to – not because you feel others assess your appearance.

We’ve been in a pandemic since the spring 2019, yet many of us continue to work remotely and socially isolate from friends and family. If you’re looking for a facial procedure that will improve your appearance – and your perception – with little to no downtime, consider our favorites:

  1. Fillers – As mentioned above, these small gems make a big impact. By reducing facial lines and creating more fullness in the face, facial fillers – such as Restylane® and Juvderm® – minimize expression lines around the face, eyes, and lips. Botox and Dysport temporarily relax wrinkle-causing muscles in the skin. The result? Smoother, younger-looking skin – all with minimal downtime. LEARN MORE
  2. Halo Laser & BBL – We offer a wide variety of effective, clinically-proven, advanced laser treatments to meet the individual needs of our patients. LEARN MORE
  3. HydraFacial™ – As a next-generation microdermabrasion treatment, HydraFacial cleanses, extracts, and hydrates – all in a 30-minute solution. Capability of treating a wide range of skin imperfections, HydraFacial is non-invasive, generally non-irritating and is immediately effective. Moreover, it’s designed for all skin types, so even the most sensitive skin can tolerate the HydraFacial treatment. LEARN MORE
  4. Rejuvapen Microneedling – Buff away fine lines and wrinkles, clear up acne scars and blemishes and restimulate collagen growth with microneedling. While a series of treatments may be needed for best anti-aging results, there is very little post-recovery healing needed. LEARN MORE
  5. Facial Peels – Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery offers an assortment of peels – the Perfect Derma Peel, chemical peels and TCA peels – to treat various skin imperfections such as sunspots, acne scars and dull or aging complexion. Our experienced esthetician, Heather Davis – voted “Best Esthetician” for two years in a row by the Atlanta Community in Atlanta’s BestSelf Magazine’s Best of Contest – will assess your skin to determine the right peel for you. LEARN MORE

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