Hot Options for Summertime Surgery

The lazy, hazy days of summer shine from our calendars. Already, warm weather and balmy breezes keep children playing outside until the pink-orange skies of a late sunset. Summer brings lemonade stands on corners and sandcastles on beaches, pool parties and porch swings, barbecues and baseball. And it’s also a popular time to schedule facial plastic surgery.plastic surgery

Surprised? Don’t be.

With school breaks and seasonal vacations presenting perfect opportunities for recovery time, summertime can be just the right time to make those adjustments you’ve been considering. Some of the brightest spots of putting a surgical procedure on the summer calendar are:

Relaxed Daily Agenda — When schools are out, daily routines tend to slacken. Less rushing from errand to errand, less traffic, more people out-of-town. So, maybe, less chance of bumping into anyone at the market or pharmacy.

On Vacation — Need to “drop-out” of the picture for awhile to recuperate? Take a stay-cation at home and pretend you are away, or schedule some time at a peacefully remote resort where you can rest.

Incognito Hollywood Style — Summertime fashions already include dramatic wide-brimmed hats and large sunglasses which, conveniently, also allow a facial surgery patient to conceal while healing. Look like a movie star, protect yourself from the sun and keep surgery evidence under wraps.

Fresh Produce — Summer harvests bring forth copious fresh fruits and vegetables brimming from baskets at farmers markets. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in all this prime produce does wonders for a body on the mend. Take advantage of the therapeutic value of eating the pick of the season.

Once the mercury rises in the thermometer, talk to the Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery (RFPS) team about a procedure that will heat up your self-confidence. At our practice, some of the facial plastic surgeries most commonly scheduled during the summer are otoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin sculpting. Dr. Robinson’s expertise and artisan approach ensure each patient attains optimum results.

Now ‘Ear This
Corrective ear surgery, or Otoplasty, modifies the appearance of the ears by adjusting the cartilage and skin around them. Large or protruding ears can be the source of great concern, particularly in children or teens, and this relatively simple procedure offers an opportunity for a permanent change. Recovery requires wearing a soft headband at night to protect the stitches, less than a week of total downtime, and about two weeks avoiding more intensive activities such as sports.

Getting Nose-y
Rhinoplasty (ah, yes, the “nose job”) is sought by patients for a variety of reasons. Some have a purely cosmetic desire to alter this prominent feature on the face, while others need a corrective procedure to increase airflow through nasal passages or even to repair a previous rhinoplasty. Whatever the specific purpose, nasal surgery may require several different techniques. Dr. Robinson’s personalized approach assesses all elements to determine the exact surgical strategy. After surgery, plan for a recovery that will include significant swelling, some bruising, about a week of wearing surgical bandages, and then six weeks of carefully protecting the healing nose.

By the Chinny-Chin Chin
The size and shape of the chin balances out a facial profile. So, when chin proportions are “off” from the rest of the face, chin augmentation surgery can adjust the problem. This procedure involves a small, half-inch incision made under the chin and a precisely measured implant placed into position. These implants are carefully designed to mimic natural tissues, creating a subtle yet distinctive change. Discreet, self-absorbing sutures close the incision and most patients return to their normal activity within a week.

If you’ve been considering Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty and/or Chin Sculpting, now is the best time to schedule your procedure. Call the office at 770-667-3090 to speak with Emily Powers, Surgery Patient Coordinator or send her an email at