Medical-Grade Skincare

medical grade skin care

Medical Grade Skin Care: Why it’s Better than Department Store Products

Sure, it’s tempting to walk into your local department store and grab the latest and greatest skin care product in the pretty packaging. After all, those formulations promise all sorts of benefits. However, there is a big difference between department store fare and the skin care products available from your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, in terms of their ability to deliver on their promises. We have four good reasons medical grade skin care may offer you a much better value for your hard-earned dollar than those highly touted products at the cosmetic counter.


Because medical-grade skin care can only be purchased through a medical professional, the concentration of active ingredients can be much higher than what you get in department store products. Higher concentrations mean more dramatic results, as the active ingredients can work more effectively on your specific skin concerns. Medical-grade products are also prescribed by a physician, ensuring you get the formulations with active ingredients that will do you the best.


Department store concoctions can work very well – on the outermost skin layers. Unfortunately, this is not where skin problems start, which limits the ability of these formulations to provide long-lasting results. Medical-grade skin care is specifically designed to work much more deeply into the skin where it can actually alter the properties of the skin to produce significant changes and improvements.


High concentrations of active ingredients and the ability to penetrate more deeply into the skin means you can get better results even when you use less of the products. Efficiency provides greater value for your dollar since you won’t be purchasing your skin care as often. Medical-grade formulations also do away with many of the fillers found in department store brands, which may cause irritation in addition to reducing the efficiency of the active ingredients.


Medical-grade skin care has been proven effective in clinical studies, so you can rest assured the formulas you purchase will work on your specific skin concerns. These products also typically contain the latest active ingredients designed to offer you the greatest possible benefits. Created by scientists and physicians, rather than cosmetic manufacturers, medical-grade products usually pack a powerful punch of effectiveness into every jar and vial.

At Visage Skin Care Center, a division of Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients medical-grade skin care designed to protect prevent and treat a wide range of skin concerns and conditions. These products are an effective way to support your professional treatments at home, enhancing and extending results. To learn more about our medical-grade product lines, contact Visage Skin Care Center at 770-667-3090.