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Do you need lip filler? Here’s how to decide.

Cropped sensual female lips, procedure lip augmentation.

Fillers – especially lip fillers – have exploded in popularity. But not everyone needs lip filler, and often, patients can run the risk of looking overdone if they don’t choose the right injector who can advise the best approach to achieving their aesthetic goals. For the safest

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Our Ultimate Guide to Plumper Lips


Perfect, pillowy lips are everyone’s dream – and it’s been a dream for years. Take a look at women from the 19th century: they were using lipstick to enhance the appearance of their lips. Fast forward to the 21st century, and lipstick is no longer the only

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A Top Injector’s No-Nonsense Guide to Lip Fillers

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Lip fillers are perhaps the most stigmatized of cosmetic procedures, with “botched” photos and scary myths showing up everywhere we turn on the internet. Since our advanced team of aesthetic injectors is ranked among the Top 1% of Injectors in the Nation, we’re here to debunk these

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4 Ways to Fight “Zoom Face”

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We get it: you’ve been staring at your computer or phone screen for more than a year for video work calls, virtual events, and visits with friends and family. Admittedly, this has led to increased opportunity for all of us to nit-pick our features. Things like sagging

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