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Should you pursue rhinoplasty?


Many of us have that one friend who has undergone rhinoplasty. And let’s face it: rhinoplasty is one of the most transformational procedures one can have, as it modifies someone both physically and emotionally. Whether someone wrestles with how they feel about their side profile, or is

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Rhinoplasty: For Beauty and Breathing

rhinoplasty for beauty and breathing image

Everyone has different reasons for going through rhinoplasty. Some want to change their nose’s shape, improve the slope of the bridge of the nose, refine the tip of their nose, while others want a different angle between the nose and upper lip. While physical appearance is often

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The Rhinoplasty…Make Every “Selfie” Count


Social media has taken over… well it took over years ago! If you are just realizing this, then you may have been living under a rock for the last 5-8 years. As Social Media grows… so does TECH… TECH includes photography from self held phones such as

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Rhinoplasty 101


Introduction to Rhinoplasty Surgery (a series)…Part 1 The Rhinoplasty is the focus of our blog today. The rhinoplasty procedure is the quintessential example of what plastic surgery is in definition. It is a cosmetic change outwardly on the nose of the human face. It takes a great

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