The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery: Transparency

Over the past few years, more celebrities have come forward about their plastic surgery. For example, fashion designer Marc Jacobs posted on social media about his facelift this past July. Posts included images of his recovery. What did people see? Not a painful, horrible recovery, but the real Marc Jacobs – looking just like himself.

This was an incredibly human moment that has us wondering: in an era that values authenticity and individuality, why not talk about your plastic surgery?

The origins of the stigma

Injectables and dermal fillers, such as Botox or Dysport, are often considered the new “hair and nail” routine. Rather than just getting the weekly manicure, many patients are scheduling a regular appointment for an injectable.

Yet, surgery is a big deal thanks to its 1-2 weeks of recovery, suture removal, and level of risk that comes with any surgery. But people, celebrity-status or not, face a common catch-22: humans feel they should magically look the same each year, but if they were to admit to having work done, they’re ridiculed. As a result, people feel genetically inferior.

The times are changing

The stigma surrounding plastic surgery has relaxed over the years, and not just because celebrities are being more vocal about their procedures. Plastic surgery was once considered a luxury among the rich and famous, however, with the greater affordability, increased safeness due to technological improvements, and wider variety of procedures that are readily available, more and more people have access to plastic surgery.

Aside from the greater affordability and accessibility, another societal factor has driven the decrease in the stigma. For almost two years now, a COVID-19-fueled plastic surgery boom has accelerated people’s desire to modify their appearance. Afterall, many of us quickly learned that real time video on Zoom can’t be edited.

Social media is the biggest voice

Of all factors that has normalized plastic surgery is social media. While celebrities will continue to be influencers, plastic surgeons are right behind them. People are increasingly discussing procedures and sharing related content on social media, including before and after procedure images, recovery tips, and countdowns to their surgery. As a result, prospective patients are ultimately driving plastic surgery trends – trends that focus on individuality and authenticity by accentuating a feature that already exists, as exemplified by Marc Jacob’s facelift.

Unapologetic candor and transparency are driving the trend behind opening up about plastic surgery. If you find yourself interested in facial plastic surgery, explore the wealth of options available at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery.

  • Facelift – Restore a youthful, radiant appearance
  • Rhinoplasty – Enhance your profile
  • Eyelid – Lift and rejuvenate aging eye tissue
  • Brow lift – Reduce a heavy, dropping brow
  • Chin implant – For balance and profile enhancement
  • Cheek implant – Create a beautiful, proportional appearance
  • Ear surgery – Bring balance and proportion to the ears and face

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