The Trends Behind Today’s Facial Procedure Boom

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For the past few years, the buzz around facial plastic surgeries has skyrocketed. Recently, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) revealed that facial plastic surgeries increased 6% in 2019 compared to 2018. Why? We’re constantly seeking ways to improve our appearance. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures are at the top of many people’s lists, with the most common surgical procedures being rhinoplasty, facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

What’s really driving the rise in facial plastic surgery? Here are a few thoughts:

It’s all about how we look on social media.
In 2019, 72% of AAFPRS members reported that many patients were seeing cosmetic procedures to look better in profile pictures and social media pictures. Given that social media is the leading channel for documenting a millennial’s lifestyle, many facial plastic surgeons anticipate the demand will only increase in 2020.

Millennials really are serious about prevention.
This generation is all about looking younger for longer. So, it’s no surprise that 73% of AAFPRS members believe there will be a greater emphasis on earlier maintenance for patients starting in their 20s-30s. Procedures like neurotoxins, fillers and skin treatments are expected to be in high demand.

Influencer marketing from celebrities.
For decades, celebrities have been the leader in endorsing skincare products and facial procedures. And this influencer marketing tactic hasn’t changed. With many celebrities, such as the Kardashians, having made an empire out of facial plastic surgery, many facial plastic surgeons anticipate more millennials will want to mimic celebrities’ facial surgeries in 2020.

Greater purchasing power.
The millennial generation lives in a gig economy – and multiple millennials juggle not only a full-time job, but a side hustle for added income. Or they’re more budget-conscious by making communal living choices and taking transportation options to reduce costs. This all leads to greater purchasing power for the millennial generation so spend on what matters to them: appearance.

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