Correct Summer Sun Damage

We know what you did this summer…
now it’s time to correct it!

sun damageSummertime and the living is easy, right? Well, maybe not so easy on the skin.  Long, lazy days are filled with time outside enjoying the sunshine– maybe splashing in the surf, relaxing in the sand, floating in the pool, walking in the woods, rolling in the grass, or paddling across a lake. Scorching heat may drive us inside on some days, but the mood of summer keeps us captive to the golden haze and basking in the sunbeams… all the rays, including the harmful UV rays hastening the aging process and inflicting long-term damage to the skin. The daily application (and re-application every 2 hours) of high-quality sunscreen provides crucial protection from those harmful rays as does keeping the skin covered. But, realistically, some level of exposure may always be seeping through the barriers; not to mention the harsh truth that many of us were careless about sun protection in our reckless youth. (Baby oil or tanning beds ringing a bell? Whoops.)

At Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery, our Visage Skin Care Center offers a wide range of laser treatments designed to revitalize the skin at various levels. These simple, in-office options bring efficient solutions for targeting sun damage and helping reverse some of its effects. Most treatments require very minimal downtime, require no incisions or anesthesia, and produce noticeable results within a brief timeframe. The fall season presents an excellent opportunity to try laser action to help correct the damaging effects summer has on your skin.

The innovative HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser combines the action of both ablative and non-ablative lasers into one treatment procedure. The ablative laser removes portions of the epidermis and clears away damaged tissue, while the non-ablative laser uses intensive wavelengths to aggressively stimulate cell renewal at deeper dermal levels. The HALO system allows for complete personalization of treatment to address individual concerns for amazing results from one procedure. Recovery time should be minimal with some redness and swelling possible before the peeling starts. Final results emerge within a month and improvement continues for several months as those new skin cells strengthen.  LEARN MORE ABOUT HALO

Broadband Light Therapy uses pulses of light energy to heat the surface of the skin, minimizing irregularities and stimulating collagen production for skin cell repair. This unique approach restores youthful qualities to the skin by penetrating into deeper layers of tissue in a treatment session. The skin may appear slightly red immediately after BBL, but only for a few hours. In the days following treatment, some areas may begin darken and peel away in flakes.  LEARN MORE ABOUT BBL CORRECTIVE

To maintain the effects of successful BBL, follow-up with Forever Young BBL enhances the dramatic results possible from broadband light therapy. Some research even shows that continued treatments may genetically alter cell behaviors triggered in the aging process for a true reversal of damage. A modified version of BBL, the Forever Young BBL sessions render similar recovery conditions with mild redness and flaking during the healing stage.  LEARN MORE ABOUT FOREVER YOUNG BBL

The gentle settings of the Sciton? NanoLaserPeel make this a great option for those interested in trying the technology for the first time and for those with mild damage. This laser concentrates its energy on the outermost layer of skin cells, exfoliating them away and stimulating the rejuvenation of remaining cells for a healthy glow. Sometimes called a “weekend” peel, the NanoLaserPeel takes only a half hour to complete with an average recovery of two days, during which time patients may experience the redness and sensitivity often associated with sunburn. NanaLaserPeel can be used on face, neck, chest, shoulders, and hands thereby tackling a broader scope of sun damage. LEARN MORE ABOUT NANOLASERPEEL

Taking things a step deeper, the MicroLaserPeel removes a layer of the most damaged skin with the precise depth of treatment adjusted according to specific patient needs. New skin cells grow to replace the ones removed resulting in a vibrant, healthy new layer. Recovery from this laser treatment may last up to four days with skin first appearing frosty as damage flakes away, then becoming red and sensitive as final healing stages initiate.  LEARN MORE ABOUT MICROLASERPEEL

So, if you’re concerned about the lingering marks those sun kisses may leave upon your face and noticing brown spots with fine lines or wrinkles, come in out of the glare. We can help correct the damage with our advanced laser technologies to improve the appearance of your skin. We are committed to educating every patient how to obtain the best results for their skin type. We will develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve more youthful, vibrant, healthy-looking skin. Contact us today at 770-667-3090 to schedule your appointment.