Favorite Fillers for Fall

With holiday festivities around the corner, you need to put your best face forward. Restore volume and fullness in your face by softening facial creases and wrinkles, plumping lips, and enhancing contours for a more youthful appearance with our favorite fillers for fall.

From Sculptra® to Restylane® to Juvaderm®, Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery has an assortment of facial fillers to fit your needs.

Who is a good candidate for fillers?

If you’re showing creases or wrinkles or volume loss, smoother and plumper facial tissue from fillers may be right for you. Also, fillers are best for those who have deeper facial lines and creases across the face. Fillers can help the natural highlights and shadows creating a more youthful appearance.

What are my filler options?

Unsure what to choose? Schedule a consultation, and we will recommend the filler that is right for you. Check out some of our favorites:

Restylane Kysse – This new FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) lip filler enhances lip volume and minimizes the appearance of fine lines above the lip with a natural look and fill. As the first lip filler to use XpresHAn Technology™, which changes the way hyaluronic acid binds to your lips, Restylane Kysse molds to your tissue, maintaining natural-looking expressions.

Restylane RefyneFor moderate lines around the mouth and chin (or laugh lines), Restylane Refyne is a solid choice for improving these lines while maintaining natural-looking expressions.

Sculptra – Using poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) in a crystalline form to work as a collagen stimulator, Sculptra gently assists the skin’s own support system, allowing for a natural-looking effect creating volume that never looks overdone.

Juvederm Vollure – Popularly used to improve deep wrinkles, Juvaderm Vollure is a solid choice used to correct moderate to severe wrinkles, deep lines and folds around the mouth and nose – and the results last longer than most fillers.

What does recovery look like?

Good news! There’s very little recovery time with facial fillers. While you may experience minor swelling and bruising, our pre and post care instructions minimize side effects and maximize your treatment results. Makeup can be worn immediately after treatment and any redness typically disappears after 24 hours.

After a few days, facial lines, creases, and other visible signs of aging will diminish, and the final results will show. Keep in mind: the results are not permanent and continued treatment is required to maintain results. Treatments can last from 6 months to up to 2 years.

Why choose Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial fillers are constantly changing, so it’s important to choose a qualified, expert injector. The best injectors consider the overall shape of the patient’s face, aiming for balance and harmony.

Dr. Burke Robinson and Michelle Giglio, PA-C, are recognized National Trainers for Galderma Aesthetics and Allergan. Madison Holmes, FNP-C and Ivette Ballara, RN, BSN are also recognized master injectors when it comes to facial rejuvenation with cosmetic fillers.

Ready to get started with facial fillers this fall? Contact us for a consultation today 770-667-3090.