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Lessons Learned about Post-Surgery Care

Friends, family members, and total strangers can give advice on what to do after plastic surgery. But no one can really provide the best post-operation advice aside from surgeons themselves. The best surgeons have been practicing for years, and after seeing countless facelifts, rhinoplasties, brow lifts, and

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Let Go of Shaming People for Having “Work Done”

no shaming plastic surgery

The truth is: a lot of us have had cosmetic procedures – and data shows it. As aesthetic preferences or beauty standards change over time (we all remember the hair and makeup trends from a decade or two ago), how we perceive our bodies and others’ also

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Enhance Your Profile with Chin Augmentation

chin profile photo

A well-defined chin and jawline are one of the most subtle ways to enhance one’s profile and effectively, create facial harmony. While simply enlarging a chin when it’s too weak can improve one’s overall facial appearance, a chin augmentation procedure also improves facial proportions, ideal for rhinoplasty

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Technology & Cosmetic Decisions

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Technology impacts every industry, including the cosmetic one. While it’s hard to imagine a world without social media or the internet, multiple technologies influence our decisions, including our decision to move ahead with cosmetic procedures. Especially since the rise of social media, multiple customers are turning to

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